The Finish Line {31 days}

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Can you see me waving my hands excitedly and jumping up and down?

I made it. I chose a topic, wrote about it for 31 days, and didn't give up. Some days, it was easy to write and push out a post. Other days, it was challenging and tedious.

But, my goal was to finish and to get back to writing more regularly here. I think that this practice--the discipline of writing daily--has reminded me that it's possible (even with a baby) to whittle away time for writing and creating.

I think that I've also learned more about myself and that I can write more bravely--even if (maybe even especially if) it exposes some of those not-so-good places of my life. If sharing bits of my life will encourage others and be life-giving, I want to be braver in it.

So, today, I'll leave you with the final list of all the posts. The most read ones were:
A Different To-do List, Stretched, Weary, An Equation for Rest, and Bedtime is Not a Team Sport. Some of my favorites are: Rush, I knew this place, and Unhampered Joy.

Day 2: Bedtime is Not a Team Sport
Day 3: One Car, Two Car
Day 3: An Equation for Rest
Day 4: I Knew this Place
Day 5: On a Cozy Bed
Day 6: We are Living on the Wild Side
Day 7: The Greatest Letting Go and Holding On
Day 8: Snip, Snip
Day 9: Walking Past the Past
Day 10: The Unknown
Day 11: Dough and Date Night
Day 12: A Glass of Milk
Day 13: For Today
Day 14: Stuffed
Day 15: A Closet from 1950
Day 16: Whoops and Redemption
Day 17: Rush
Day 18: Unhampered Joy
Day 19: Weary
Day 20: One Thing Remains
Day 21: Shifting Friendships
Day 22: The Year of the Ugly Cry
Day 23: My 4th Draft
Day 24: Stretched
Day 25: Losing the Excuses
Day 26: A Boy and His Pumpkin
Day 27: For Today
Day 28: A Different To-Do List
Day 29: What Veggie Tale Reminds Me
Day 30: What about you?
Day 31: Yay, we are here!

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  1. Congratulations!! I was so stretched during these 31 days, too. Some days I literally didn't crank out a post until 10PM, but I did it! It was such a great challenge, and hooray that we finished!


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