We are Living on the Wild Side {31 Days}

That's what my husband said to me while I was changing Luke's diaper in the front seat of the car today.

Travel. Adventure. New experiences. They all look very different with a baby in tow.

Slower. Often more restricting. But wild at the same time :)

I think that one of the biggest transitions for us as new parents has been getting used to traveling with a little one and learning how to communicate well during traveling and new places.

(ps. don't you love the summer hat with the plaid shirt? Gotta protect the head!)

Today, as we took the DART to the Texas State Fair, ate food while the baby slept, walked around all the rides (that we couldn't go on...at least together), and squeezed ourselves through the crowds, the fun outweighed the extra fuss of bringing along Luke. Of course, it didn't look like our pre-baby adventures, but it was an adventure nevertheless.

There was something sweet about being there as a family--even though Luke has no idea about what is going on :)

Traveling with a baby means I have to let go of many expectations and our normal schedule. It means I let go of seeing all the sights, riding the ferris wheel with Josh, and staying late into the evening.

Yet, I hold onto the new definition of wild and adventurous--even if it means diaper changes in the animal barn, entertaining a baby while trying to watch dogs leap into water, or feeding the baby while parked next to semi trucks.

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