Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Freebies

I spent some time painting last week and decided to create a few computer backdrops and fun prints to share just for fun! I'm a total watercolor novice--but I love working with them. I felt so encouraged and inspired to just create after watching the Influence Network's Creative Women's Summit last week--it was SO good! The recording is now available to members--if you aren't a member, you should definitely consider it :) 

The first two images can be use as computer wallpaper. Download and save the image to your computer and then set it as a background.

download here

download here

I also whipped up an 8x10 Love One Another print
download here

And here are two 5x7 prints with one of my favorite Mother Teresa quotes!

download here

download here

Happy Monday :)

I am also giving $1 per print sold to the Sparrow Fund until the end of May--so if you've been wanting a print or a bundle, this is the time to grab one (or a few) and also support an organization that comes alongside families during the adoption process.

ps. please remember that these designs are shared for your personal use only--they are not to be sold or used on your personal blog. Thank you! If you have any questions regarding how to print them or use them, just email me or comment!

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Why Walking and Podcasts are my Jam

If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you may have figured out that I am not a huge fan of exercise.

Goodness, I want to be. But I just am not.

But! I am huge fan of all the perks of exercise: rejuvenation, maybe losing some inches, feeling more energetic, getting stronger...etc.

These are my no-go exercises: the elliptical (too boring!), running (I don't like feeling like I'm literally going to fall to pieces on the street and then throw up), the treadmill, intense cardio, or really anything that makes my legs feel like jello and my head feel buzzy.

Whenever I've tried including those exercises into my routine, I usually last about five days before giving up. They just aren't my thing (at least right now!)

Here are my go-to exercise: pilates (firm up and feel the burn without feeling like your heart will explode), yoga (sometimes), zumba (dancing + cardio = at least I'm having fun while I feel all wobbly and sweaty!),  barre (pretty new to it, but I like it!), and walking.

During these season, walking + pilates are the dailies.

Pilates are great afternoon-slump buster workouts because I usually just grab a five-to-ten minute online video (I love Robin Long's series!) or just do some moves while I play with Luke. I find that just a few minutes of pilates helps me feel a little more energized but not all worn out and sweaty.

Especially since walking is something I can do with Luke, I like to try and get in a solid, face-paced, 20-25 minute walk in when it's nice. We especially love to walk to the park or the post office to deliver happy mail from the shop.

Honestly, it took me a while to really get into a rhythm with walking because it often feels a little monotonous or slow--especially when you live in a neighborhood that is a giant circle.

But, then, I started to listen to podcasts while we are on our walks--and it flipped a switch. Now I look forward to my walks because I listen to some wonderful podcasts that not only are fun, but often so encouraging and full of great tips, ideas, thoughts, and conversation.

Have you tried listening to Podcasts? If not, here are some podcasts that I've been loving lately:

The Influence Network podcast
Around the Table podcast
Serial (which was so good!)
Brilliant Business Moms podcast
The Happy Hour podcast

I just subscribe to my favorites on my podcast app, so they are also easy to access and listen to. I've also found that podcasts make cleaning, dishes, and putting away laundry a little less boring :)

Do you listen to podcasts?  If so, I'd love to know your favorites!

ps. there are a few more prints that will be heading into retirement soon. Right now, they are just $1 until they pack up their bag and leave the shop forever :)

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Popsicles, Swings, and Mother's Day Magic

This year, I celebrated my 3rd Mother's Day as a momma.

It wasn't glamorous or frilly--but it was so good! It was full of rest, my husband's sweet gift of extra help and time, and just feeling loved and cared for.

Friday ushered in that feeling of anticipation for the weekend (and the feeling of a bit of stir-craziness!), so Luke got to the do the dishes with me :) I took some pictures to prove to him someday that, indeed, he does like to do the dishes ;)

Saturday was quiet, relaxed, and we filled with lots of family time. I finished up a painting for the living room and also snuck in some reading. We also decided to do an early Mother's Day celebration (to avoid crowds) as well as hit up the park with 1/2 off Fraps from Starbucks.

Sunday was breakfast in bed, church, naps, and more reading. Plus, an afternoon of fun in the sun with Luke and then some quiet while the boys went to the grocery store. The day ended with TV, take-out, and ice cream sandwiches while cozied up to Josh on the couch.

I purposely tried to put my phone away for most of the weekend and loved just being. 

As a mom, it's easy to feel the days melt into one another--the next one looking like the last. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and under appreciated. It's easy to think everyone else is doing it better.

But, the magical part of this Mother's Day for me was just seeing and knowing how incredible the gift of motherhood really, really is.

To look into my son's eyes (those beautiful blue eyes) and see joy.

To laugh with my husband at his silly faces and his goofy personality :)

To feel thankfulness beyond what I can express about the little life that God entrusted to us.

It really is magical.

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