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When I was little, I used to lay in bed at night and see strange dark figures laying about my room. I remember squinting hard at them--suddenly, eyeballs would pop out! Or weird legs would appear! Or it would move a little more towards me. Sometimes, I'd hide under my covers. Other times, I'd reason with myself because I knew it wasn't really scary, but I just didn't know what it actually was. Eventually, I'd muster enough courage to bolt to the light and turn it on. 
Of course, what I discovered in the light, was that my shirt was draped over my chair, or there was a mound of clothes on my floor, or something 100% harmless. 
I still remember feeling almost foolish, but mostly relieved, when I discovered that I did not have a strange man lurking about my room and often easily drifted off to sleep once my anxious heart had seen what was actually true. 
Maybe that happened to you (or still does!) as a child too?
I knew that change would be hard and that uprooting ou…

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