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Mother's Day Freebies

Because I know that homemade cards/gifts are always the sweetest, I created these sweet printables just for mom.

You can get a 24x36 poster-sized version printed (here's a video that shows you how to order online at Staples--super easy!) or keep it simple and print out a booklet version on 8 1/2 by 11 paper. 

Personalize it just for mom (or grandma too!)--for example, add some color, stickers, pictures, drawings, and sweet encouragement.

I purposely kept it mostly blank so that it's a wide-open canvas for your little ones to create and add their own touches (which are always the best, right?). Luke lovingly drew in the Big Dipper when I asked him to draw a picture for me--and I'll just go ahead and believe it's because he thinks I'm a star. Ha ;)

In other news, we are packing up and getting ready for a super big move (which I have yet to blog about, but I will...I hope!), but I wanted to pop in and share this Mother's Day freebie before we hit the road.

Happy W…

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