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A Story, a Subscription, and an Adorable Smirk

As I saddle up close to Color + Kindness' first birthday, I'm especially excited about the future of this little gig. Everyday, I seem to have at least one new idea (or fifteen. Ha!) about how to keep propelling the shop forward, or print designs, or new products. Most of those ideas end up as just that: ideas.

A few months ago, I had an idea about creating a digital email subscription for Color + Kindness. The idea was simple: every month subscribers would get an activity kit + extras that they could do with their little ones. For weeks, I sat on this idea and did a lot of googling and contemplating:
How to create an email subscription? What do email subscription services cost? What themes and verses would I cover? What content would I include? How could I create original content on a monthly basis?
After a few weeks, I came to this conclusion: this was not the right season. 

Why? Well, the idea of creating a big bundle of fresh content every month just plain overwhelmed me. I kn…

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