Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Believing Beautiful {31 Days}

I've decided to write 31 Days of Believing Beautiful because, well, I want to believe it in my own life.

I want to look in the mirror and see beyond stretch marks, an extra 20 pounds, and curves.

I want to look at my home and see beyond messes, plywood countertops, and not-so-magazine-worthy decor.

I want to look at my story and see beyond the feeling that my life hasn't been brave, or big, or crazy enough to share.

I want to look who I am and see beyond my fears, insecurities, and comparisons.

It's not that I think that I'm horribly ugly, that my home is junky, that my story is boring, or that who I am is just average.

But I want to peel off some of those layers of lies that so often corrode my spirit--those lies that whisper that I have to be a size six to beautiful or that my story isn't worth sharing because someone else's story is grander and more significant.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe you desire the same things.

I know that writing about all of this won't dig out everything, but my hope is that it helps me weed out some of those pesky ideas that have taken over for far too long.

For me, this series is an opportunity to ask questions and explore answers. And I want you to join me.

My first question:

If you really, really (like deep, deep, unshakably) believed that your body, your home, who you are, and your story were beautiful and valuable, how would that change your life?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October Goals

Can I start by telling you that our refrigerator is in our little living room? Our microwave is in the master half-bath, and the coffee maker is in our main bathroom.

We have food in the cooler, stuff everywhere, and a floor half-finished in the kitchen. We've been working with a halfway (or not even) usable kitchen for about 7 weeks, and it is definitely getting old. That said, we are pushing through this week (and probably the next) to get the floor done as well as things a little more put together. So, I'm keeping this month's goals small because I know a lot of my time will be invested in finishing up the kitchen project.

First, how was September? Let's take a look.

No fast food. We hit 98% with this goal. I ate at McDonalds once because we were stranded in Walmart until our car battery got replaced, but otherwise, that's it!

Finish Christmas prints for the shop. I did do some thanksgiving-related prints, but the Christmas ones are still under way. Next week, I'll finish them up and hopefully get them listed :)

Get started on my capsule wardrobe project. Not at all. Oh well. With all this kitchen stuff going on, we don't have the extra money for me to go dancing through the mall and spending big chunks of money on clothing. So, maybe in a few months I'll revisit this. 

Organize my computer files. Done. It's already looking busy again, but I did do it :) 

Create daily goals list. I didn't do this, really. I pretty much forgot about this. Haha!

Now for October:

Write my 31 Days of Believing Beautiful series. People, I'm so excited about this series. I've already started writing some bits and pieces, and so much of it is just speaking truth into my life and heart. I'm excited to share more about all of that with you guys :) 

Do ab/Core strength exercises each day. Even though Luke was born practically a year and a half ago, my abs still haven't recovered from pregnancy. So, I decided that a month of daily, focused (after baby-friendly) ab work is doable and will hopefully strengthen everything back up :) 

That's it. Two daily goals. I have a lot of other goals too, but they aren't necessarily do-these-now goals. So, since this month is already crazy, I'm just putting these two on the list :) 

What are your goals?
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

31 Days Of

Next week, I'll be starting up the old writing engine and take part in the Nester's 31 Days of writing challenge.

Last year I did it and it was just the kick I needed to push myself to write as well as go deeper with my writing. You can see the series here :) My blog has been a little neglected lately (I have so much to share, just haven't had the push to write it all!), so this challenge will encourage me to get back into the groove of writing and share a bit about what's been ruminating in my heart lately :)

It's going to probably be a little messy (because that's what happens when you share your guts!), but my hope is that it is also practical and life-giving.

My topic this year is 31 days of Believing Beautiful. I'll be writing about our bodies, our homes, who we are, and our stories.

Honestly, it's going to be a lot of preaching to myself because what I am writing about is definitely a work in progress for me. I also know that I'm not the only one :)

Since I know that I can't realistically pump out 31 days of pure, outstanding content, I am looking for a few guest posts.

If you are interested in writing a guest post about this topic, let me know! Some ideas: believing your body wasn't beautiful and your process of learning to love your body, a before and after of a room in your home, contentedness with your home (or story, or body), heartache in your life that brought out something beautiful, a story about a relationship that was redeemed, etc.

Either comment with your email address (I'll get in touch!) or send me an email at nicolejoelleblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

Happy Tuesday!

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