Monday, October 20, 2014

It's Stunning, really {31 Days}

I still remember the first time I went inside a restaurant to pick up some food after Luke was born. It was just a week after he was born, so I just popped in quick to order. While in line, I looked around and everybody's life was going on as usual.

But I felt so out of sorts. I thought--do they know what I'm a mom? Do they know how much my life has suddenly changed in the last week? Do I look like a crazy person?

I stood there--feeling a little bizarre, hormonal, and unsure of what to do with all the newness. In a way, I almost felt a little paranoid because I realized that my life was never going to be the same.

I was a mother.

A mom.

A person who is supposed to keep that little person alive.

And although motherhood hasn't changed the core of who I am, it has most definitely changed me.

More than that, it's taught me more about who I really am and who I really am not.

But what being a mom has illuminated the most is the absolute love that the Father has for me as His daughter. Sometimes, in the middle of the night while nursing Luke, I would weep for the magnitude of love I had for my son--and the tiny glimpse and understanding of the depth of God's love for me.

God loves me just as I am.

And He saved me just as I was.

And there is nothing or no one who can separate me from Him.

In Christ, I am redeemed and loved. Saved and cherished. Made new and adored.

So, on the days that who I am feels too awkward, or too much, or not enough, or too weird, or too anything, or too not-anything, I want to go back to these truths.

Who I am in Christ is beautiful.

Stunning and quite amazing actually.

Questions for today:
What experiences in your life have affirmed who you are? Do you believe that God loves you--just as you are? 

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014

iPhones, Laundromats, and a few Simple Words

(Let's just imagine a stunning photo right here. Can you picture a busy landromat? Perfect. See--no picture needed ��)

I'm blogging on my iPhone for the first time ever. But, since I'm running out of daylight and the computer is currently being updated, here it goes :)

I've been thinking all day about what to write. But here's the thing--I'm feeling a little out words on day 18. So, while I sit here and watch my clothes spin and little ladies fold clothes at the laundromat (our washer and dryer are currently out of commision until the tiling is done), I just want to pop in with a simple encouragement.

You are loved.
You are significant to the all-knowing Creator.
God sees you and He cares for you.
He knows every part of you--every tiny uniqueness. And He made no mistake in the way He knit you together.

So even when you wish you were more or less of who you are, dare to believe and know that God created you as you--fully, completely, and marvelously.

If you need a little extra breath of fresh air for your spirit tonight, I encourage you to read Psalms 139--I especially love the Message version.

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