Thursday, February 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday: House Edition

Guess what? Today is the day that we are getting some new countertops put know, just six months after we began the kitchen renovation. So, I definitely have a new appreciation for them after living with a makeshift assortment of tile and plywood. I hope to share them with you soon :)

But today I'm sharing a throwback of what our dining area looked like when we bought our home verses now.

It started with orange carpet. Thick, greasy, and smelly carpet. Yikes!

And then we tore out the carpet to find an old vinyl floor (so pretty much as gross as the orange carpet).

But, now, after some new floors, a new table, and a fresh coat of paint, the room looks like this:

(Love Print can be found here)

What we've done:

  • Tore up old carpet and Josh installed new tile (this tile from Home Depot)
  • Removed overhead fan and replaced it with this light from Ikea
  • Added curtains
  • Josh built us a farmhouse table
  • Painted walls with Valsper's Woodlawn White 

What's next: building a bigger wall chalkboard, maybe new window shades (perhaps bamboo), painting chairs (?), finishing up the quarter round, and perhaps adding a small dresser/buffet table.

This room reminds me that there is always potential. It wasn't an instant change (just ask Josh who spent way too many hours tiling!), but now this room is beautiful, and welcoming, and happy :)

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What's New + Adoption

I've piled in some new prints in the shop, but I haven't shared many of them on the blog. Most of the new prints were born out a lot of thoughts, ideas, and heart stuff in my own life. Like...

To love braver. Riskier. Stretchier.

 photo _2002567_zps25d1be45.jpg

To place my future and hope in God's hands--because, well, He's the one with the best plan.

 photo _2002554_zpsd1682eb3.jpg

And remembering that even out of place of dryness or feeling stuck in all the old yuck, He makes all things new :)

 photo _2002578_zpsbb63fca6.jpg

Of course, there's love.

 photo _2002562_zpsce76fcac.jpg

And flowers + joy.

And more about love.

And sweet reminders of who we are in Jesus:

Check out all the prints here or the new poster prints here (many also come with a bonus 8x10 size)

But there is something BIGGER that I want to chat with you about today. If you've followed my blog for a while, you might remember that about 500 internet years ago, I was running another little Etsy shop and a percent of the monthly sales went to a family who was adopting. 

I have really missed getting to know families in the process of adopting as well as supporting them in an itty bitty way. So, in March (hopefully!), I'm going to start up a new giving program to help raise money for adoption costs as well provide an opportunity for all of you to walk along a family each month and learn their story. 

So, if you are adopting, or know a family who is adopting, I'd love to chat with you about what this will look like :) Email me at to learn more. 

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Monday, February 16, 2015


Goodness, I shared about my trip to Haiti, but I haven't shared much about what we've been up to since Christmas.

The first part of January was pretty mellow, but we did enjoy some super nice weather and a short trip to Houston--which included a little hotel stay and a trip to the Children's Museum.

(he's so thrilled)

Mid-January, Luke and I traveled to Minnesota (then I took a short detour to Haiti) to spend time with family and friends.

Luke was spoiled rotten by his grandma and grandpa and also got to have lots of fun with his cousin Avery :)

After lots of sweet time with family and friends, we headed back Texas and to Josh (who was super ready to have us back!)

Since we've been back, it's been operation let's-finish-the-kitchen-- so now my kitchen pretty much looks like a wall threw up all over :( boo! But! Countertops go in this week and the upper cabinets too--then, it's just (just) the backsplash and small finishes. I've definitely learned to not expect anything to go quickly, but we do hope to have everything wrapped up by the end of March (we'll see!)

We also had a pretty relaxed Valentine's Day--filled with lots of kisses, snuggles, and thankfulness for all the ones we love :)

How has life been lately for you?
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