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And Here We Are

I'm sitting on my favorite new-to-me vintage floral chair and wondering how to sum up the last two months (actually last years!) of life for us in a neat, tidy blog post.

Let's start with this: almost two months ago, we moved from Texas to Minnesota. Goodness, there are hundred tiny details within that story, but here it is in a nutshell.

When Josh graduated college in 2013, we anticipated the world of opportunity to open up to us. We expected multiple job offers, an adventurous move, and a fresh start in a new place. We were excited about hauling our little family to the next stop. But, we waited. And waited. No jobs dropped from the sky and we were running out of options (and money). But just when we wondered how we could possibly make it through the next few months, a local job popped up. Even though the job wasn't exactly the opportunity we were expecting, it was a testament to God's faithfulness to us and came at just the right time.

Let's fast forward a few …

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