While the Kids are Sleeping (well, actually giggling)

Summer seems to be tapering off around here with cooler temps, a bit of mugginess, and rainy days. As I sip on my tea and get cozy in our family room, I feel ready to return to more steady rhythms and enjoy the brisk fall in Minnesota. The boys are giggling and far from sleeping upstairs, but after a day like we had (could I say we all needed an attitude adjustment?), I am content to let them wear off their last giggles and hope that sleep will visit soon. Update: Luke has actually come down approximately 1, 248 times while I've been writing this post.

After months of change and settling into life here, I finally feel like old house rhythms are coming back. There's soup simmering on the oven, candles flickering, and rooms getting organized (that always helps me feel a little more grounded after moving!). In a few weeks, Luke will start preschool for a few hours a week, and we'll also do some learning at home with the Peaceful Preschool curriculum (if making apple crisp is part of the weekly lessons, sign me up!). I love that we'll be able to keep a lot of our cozy home routines, but Luke will also get the chance to experience learning and friendships outside the home too.

On a completely different note, since I'm doing my best to avoid caffeine in the afternoon (to try and keep away those tension headaches and anxiety), I've been on a tea kick. Right now, I'm loving this chai red tea, this one is interesting, but actually effective, and this one is a bit sassy. If you are a tea person, what's your favorite?

Honestly, I haven't been doing a lot of reading to go with all this tea drinking, but we hope to make it to library tomorrow to pick up some fresh reads. I feel like I've had more screen time than I'd like (does that happen to you?) and a good book is often the antidote for unplugging a bit more. Any good reads that you've enjoyed lately?

Finally, my little behind-the-scenes-while-moving project is now in the shop. I'll share more about it (hopefully soon!), but if you have little ones, love Jesus, and like doing hands-on activities with your kiddos--this is for you :)

Happy almost weekend, friends :)


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