A Story, a Subscription, and an Adorable Smirk

As I saddle up close to Color + Kindness' first birthday, I'm especially excited about the future of this little gig. Everyday, I seem to have at least one new idea (or fifteen. Ha!) about how to keep propelling the shop forward, or print designs, or new products. Most of those ideas end up as just that: ideas.

A few months ago, I had an idea about creating a digital email subscription for Color + Kindness. The idea was simple: every month subscribers would get an activity kit + extras that they could do with their little ones. For weeks, I sat on this idea and did a lot of googling and contemplating:

How to create an email subscription?
What do email subscription services cost?
What themes and verses would I cover?
What content would I include?
How could I create original content on a monthly basis?

After a few weeks, I came to this conclusion: this was not the right season. 

Why? Well, the idea of creating a big bundle of fresh content every month just plain overwhelmed me. I knew that putting that pressure on for constant creating would put a blister on my creative drive. Plus, I knew that the time I'd need to create would cut into my family time and focus--and that comes first, no matter what :) 

However, I still liked the idea. And while I was brainstorming and researching, I started ironing out some ideas for monthly themes and verses. So, I decided create a 3-month subscription as a little measuring stick for how much time it would take me to design as well as see if anyone is interested. 

It's been so much fun creating behind-the-scenes, but it was definitely a good deal of creative work. Even though the idea of monthly subscription is in my back pocket, I'm glad I didn't start something I wasn't ready to do. I have been toying with the idea of doing a free monthly subscription with just a few freebies--but we'll see ;) 

But! I am so excited to share all the fun content included in this 3-month subscription. Some of it will eventually end up in the shop, but there are lots of extras and exclusives that only subscribers will receive. 

The best part is that each month's kit was created with the main goal of providing a simple resource for parents to talk about faith and Jesus with their little ones. I purposefully kept all the instant downloads simple so that you could go the extra mile creatively if you'd like or keep it as easy as crayons and markers (or maybe not even markers if that makes you nervous!)

Each month will include coloring pages, hands-on activities, prints, crafts, iPhone wallpapers, a monthly Scripture seed, and even a Spotify playlist that corresponds with the monthly theme and verse. It's all super easy to print or get printed (there will be some tips if you are an instant download newbie!) 

We've already been "product testing" and my kids have LOVED it. So, I'm excited to see your little ones engaged and enjoying it too!

Plus, (even if you use a coupon code) each subscription bought will provide 15 meals for kiddos who need it. How cool is that?

I'm only enrolling until the 31st of August, so if you are interested, now's the time to join!   
You'll also get 20 FREE coloring pages with your subscription as well as $5 off with the code FIVEOFF

If you want to learn more, just go here to see how to subscribe and what's included :) 

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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