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These last few months (ok, let's be honest, this last year), my blog has been sparsely populated with a mostly little updates about Sam and then a few here and there posts.

It's not that I intended that 2016 would be the year of drizzly writing--kinda half-there, half-not. It's just that other parts of life and priorities crowded out the words. 2016 surprised me, and in a year where I had a thousand words and thoughts to share, I feel like I wrote down twenty. In a way, it was a relief to let this space sit dormant and quiet--and yet feel the freedom to pop in when I wanted to write or share. Still, I missed the regular rhythm of writing, sharing, and documenting life here.

As I look ahead, I feel a bit on the fence about if I should sit this season out or if I should prioritize tiny moments of writing and revive this space.

Honestly, I'm just not sure.

I often feel that words memorize what my mind cannot. Sure, I can remember thousand of moments, but writing is the avenue in which I can explore them in detail. Since 2010 (yes, the Stone Age of blogging), this blog has been collecting my memories, thoughts, ideas, and ramblings. So, although I don't feel pressure to write here, I feel connected here--my own itty bitty space in the Internet universe.

However, my words don't have to be collected here. They can be scribbled down in a pretty journal next to my bed or on a simple document on the computer. As seasons shift, I feel more protective of my privacy and not megaphoning my words into an already overstimulated world. Also, I realize that many of the thoughts and memories I want to fossilize into writing shouldn't be written in a place as public and forever as the internet.

As I walk into 2017, I've decided that's okay to not have a bullet list and goal sheet a mile long for this blog. I don't need to know if I'll blog fifty times this year or five. Even though I value intentionality, I also value the autonomy to shift gears without feeling like I've flaked out or given up (because I am that person that hates to see a good goal go bad). I'm giving myself the freedom to have a full-fledged blog revival or simply let it be.

So, 2017, let's see what you bring!

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  1. It is always a happy surprise to see something new to read here. I have missed your more regular posts but I understand how you're feeling. You do what works best for you and I'll keep reading if there is something to read! Have a Blessed 2017.

  2. I miss hearing the details, thoughts and stories you share, but a lot of "us" are pulling back from the all-seeing, all-knowing internet. Sometimes life's precious moments need not be shared with the entire internet world. I will read if and when you publish a post, and I wish you only the best!!!


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