While the Kids are Napping

It's a blustery, cool, drizzly day in our neck of the woods, and I love that it feels cozy and fallish.

Not only that, but I plan on dusting off the boots for date night tonight (can I get an amen for date night and cool weather?!)

It seems amazing to me that Thanksgiving is next week and that 2016 is coming to a close soon. And even though 2016 gave us one of our best gifts (Sam!), it also gave us a lot of hospital visits, procedures, medical bills, and a continued season of waiting. I am thankful for the heart-work God has been doing, but I am also so thankful for a bit of relief after a hard start to the year. God meets us in the hard spots, and He gives us rest too.

These past few months, creative work has breathed in refreshment and given my mind a place to explore, dream, and idea-scheme. Maybe it's just been one giant distraction, but it's also been one giant relief.

I find it a tiny bit funny that last year I was plum tired of running a printable shop and now I've gone out and started a fresh new one. But, I think the difference is that Color + Kindness has a broader scope and a more colorful purpose. Honestly, I'm loving it! It's so fun to design dump truck potty charts (yep, it's a little tongue and cheek) and advent calendars that are kid-friendly and purposeful too. Luke is excited to put it back up (he got to play with it when we had our photo shoot), so I'm excited to use it this season.

Speaking of Christmas, I've already got a bit of a wishlist started. It includes these earrings from Dear Mushka (so simple and pretty!), this t-shirt from Jean and June (because #momlife), and these boots from Root Collective (ethically-made and pretty to boot...pun intended!) I'm hoping to curate a list that is mostly made up of products from handmade businesses--so if you have any businesses to share, please do!

I feel like this year more than ever, I am looking forward to the holiday season. Especially after months of election commercials, I wasn't even annoyed to see a Christmas commercial pop up before Thanksgiving. I'm ready to tie up 2016 and actually enjoy the Christmas treats (since last year I was hugely pregnant and had gestational diabetes). I'm looking forward to introducing Christmas to Sam (and the Thanksgiving mashed potatoes too!) as well as teaching Luke more about the story of Jesus' coming. How about you? Are you as ready as me?

One last thing, if you are snowed in or need a little extra something to do with the kids before Thanksgiving, grab these FREE printable turkeys and Thanksgiving verse cards. Super simple (and adorable)!

Happy Friday, friends :)

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