And Here We Are

I'm sitting on my favorite new-to-me vintage floral chair and wondering how to sum up the last two months (actually last years!) of life for us in a neat, tidy blog post.

Let's start with this: almost two months ago, we moved from Texas to Minnesota. Goodness, there are hundred tiny details within that story, but here it is in a nutshell.

When Josh graduated college in 2013, we anticipated the world of opportunity to open up to us. We expected multiple job offers, an adventurous move, and a fresh start in a new place. We were excited about hauling our little family to the next stop. But, we waited. And waited. No jobs dropped from the sky and we were running out of options (and money). But just when we wondered how we could possibly make it through the next few months, a local job popped up. Even though the job wasn't exactly the opportunity we were expecting, it was a testament to God's faithfulness to us and came at just the right time.

Let's fast forward a few years. We settled into our community and found so many sweet spots about where we lived and cared for so many people within our town. However, we always felt a bit unsettled and a bit misplaced. Josh began to look for jobs within his industry, and we waited. Even though he got a few bites, it never led to a new opportunity. So, we continued to wait. It was in this season that God really worked in me to find contentment right where I was--not where I thought I should be.

Then, this past January after a trip to Minnesota, we decided to just go for it and move to Minnesota  (which, if you have ever been to Minnesota in January, you are wondering why we ever thought that was a good idea. Ha!). Minnesota is where my roots are and Josh and I have always wanted to move to the Midwest. We felt ready to step out (we had toyed around with the idea for a while, but never had the guts to do it) and see what would happen. We also felt a little crazy, a little foolish, and definitely nervous and excited. Josh continued to apply to jobs in the midwest and we started making steps to move in late May. We got our house ready to sell, looked at housing options, and continued to pray for wisdom and a job.

Josh had applied to a job in a small town in Minnesota. He didn't think much of it because he had applied to many, many jobs at this point. But, there was a call, then an interview, and then another call. But, we even after a number of interviews, there was no clear offer. So, we continued with our operation Move-to-Minnesota and waited to see what happened.

In the middle of all of this, there were little blinking lights of evidence that God was going ahead of us. We felt like we were flying a bit by the seat of our pants, but in reality, God was at the helm.

We listed our house for sale at the end of March. At this point, we had no clue if Josh would have a job offer or if we'd be flying north with only expectant hope packed in our bags. Our house sold in a hot minute (since we were selling it in a super crazy market) and suddenly it all became very real. Soon, we'd have no home and no job.

However, in mid-April, just days before we closed on our house, Josh got that job offer in Minnesota and he took it. After so many applications and and hopeful tries, at just the right time, there was a job offer. We felt so thankful (and relieved!) In early May, we packed our van and drove to Minnesota. It only took us 4 days and lots of bathroom stops ;) Now, we are finally setting into our new town and getting to know the community.

Since we've arrived,  I have felt all the pendulums of emotion--excitement, sadness at leaving family and friends in Texas, the weariness of living in transition (we are currently in place #3 before we finally move into our new-to-us home in July), a bit of loneliness and loss of familiarity, and a lot of sweetness about this new season.

Most of the time, I'm just so thankful to be here and expectant to see all that this new season will bring. Plus, we've been having so much exploring and enjoying Minnesota (lots of nature hikes, meeting my first nephew, fun day trips, meeting new friends and old, cousin time, and so much more!)

In other news, my eyes are burning from looking at too many neutral paint colors for our new home--so if you have a favorite grey/neutral, tell me about it! 


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