A Boy and His Pumpkin {31 Days}

There are lots of boring moments in new motherhood. Moments that drag along, slow and monotonous.

I think it's okay to acknowledge those moments--to realize that every minute of motherhood is not gushing with joy and crazy fun.

I've let go of that expectation.

Instead, I'm okay with those boring and slow moments of my day. I'm not surprised by them, and I don't worry that I'm doing something wrong if this motherhood thing isn't rosy posy and giggly baby all the time.

Instead, I'm learning to really pull in and hold onto to those moments when I feel motherhood--when it hits me in the gut and overwhelms me. For example, the other day I was taking Luke's 6 month pictures and set him up with a pumpkin.

And, I swear, he made friends with his pumpkin :) He tried to eat it and squeeze it. He slobbered on it and patted it. And smiled at it and then gave it the death stare.

Watching him with those pumpkins was one of those times that it all swept over me.

The joy of being his mom and watching him explore new things. The love I have for him--deep, rooted, and unmoving. All of a sudden, I sense it all--his soft blonde hair in the morning light, his rolls for miles, the way his gummy smiles instantly makes me smile, his delight at such simple things...

These are the moments I scoop up, gather in, and hold tight.

Do you have moments like these too--whether with your friends, spouse, and/or kids? Do they ever surprise you?

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  1. My girl (8 mo) has been silly lately, right after I nurse her. She gets all goofy and gives me kisses and talks and talks and makes herself laugh. Those moments, I'm afraid I'll hug her and squeeze her till she pops! They're so precious, so very very precious.


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