Stuffed {31 days}

If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you may have realized that I crave simplicity. I'm not a huge fan of fuss and dislike situations that get too complicated.

With a move in the near future (hopefully!), I know that it will be time to go through a lot of our stuff once again. In fact, we actually plan on having a huge garage sale and getting rid of probably 85-90% of our furniture and quite a bit of our other house stuff.

I'm actually really excited to wave good-bye to a lot of our stuff because I look forward to setting up our next home with a clean slate.

It will be both fun and refreshing!

As for now, though, so much of our home is stuffed. We've got lots of extra stuff in the closet, under the bed, smushed in drawers, stacked up, shoved under, and all over.

Whenever our little home starts to feel stuffed, I get a little itch. An itch to throw out the junk, examine what we have, buy with more intentionality, give what we no longer use, and simplify.

But, as for now, I'm waiting until a move is closer to really go through all our stuff.

Seemingly a life-time ago, I wrote a little series about stuff, and I still refer back to it on occasion. Some of it is practical and some is spiritual.

So, maybe your home feels stuffed. Maybe you need to let go of some things and decide what to hold onto. As tedious as a process as it is, it really can be remarkably life-giving and even a bit exciting. I'd encourage you to flip back into through the archives of this little blog and take a peek at the series if you feel like your home is bulging at the seams. You can read about how our homes can have a horrible metabolism, how I'm not a fashionista, and how living simply can make more space for generosity.

Do you have any tips for unstuffing your home? What are ways that you prevent filling up your home with too many things that you don't use? Do you get the itch to simplify too?

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