One Thing Remains {31 days}

Today, I feel out of words. I have a number of post ideas for the 11 days left, but they involve too much thinking/writing for today.

But, during this whole series, I've had a song on repeat in my mind-- Over and over it plays in my head.

One Thing Remains.

Transitions are full of the old and the new, the give and the take, the letting go and holding on. But, in the sorting process, Jesus is always there.

And especially as I look at all the transitions rushing our way, I am so ridiculously thankful for that! Thankful that his love never runs out, it overwhelms and satisfies me, and I never, ever have to be afraid...

So, enjoy this version today--Spanish and all ;)

ps. I also love the evening message from Spurgeon today. You can read it here or download the app on your phone :)

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