Stretched {31 Days}

The first one popped up around mid-pregnancy. I got a little bummed about the two or three lines that were crawling up since I had been hoping that I'd dodge the stretch mark bullet. Little did I know that by the end, my belly would be tattooed with them.

In the six months since then, those stretch marks have faded--but, they are still there and daily remind me that my body carried my little guy around.

(ps. did I really just post this picture? Yes, I did. For someone who pulls down her tankini, this is no joke.)

And I'm so remarkably thankful for that.

But those stretch marks are a very literal symbol of new motherhood for me. They remind me that my life will never look the same as it did before.

Being a new mom has stretched me in ways I could have never anticipated or prepared for. It daily stretches me to love deeper--to willingly give up my time and agenda to love on Luke.

I've been stretched with learning to protect our marriage and focus on it during this season of adjusting to our new roles.

It has stretched my idea of a good night's sleep. I can count on one hand the times I've slept 8 hours straight since Luke was born (or, actually, since I got pregnant).

As I look at my different body, I often feel stretched to acknowledge how beautiful it is after having a baby--stretch marks, loose skin, and extra belly and all.

Often, I feel stretched when I look back at life the way it was. I don't wish for it, but I do miss it sometimes.

My stretch marks remind me of the letting go--the letting go of much of what was in order to embrace what was coming.

Because what came was worth

I mean. Look at him :)

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  1. Nicole, you are amazing. This is a beautiful post and it is a great reminder to me as I think about how I can't fit my run in today because I need to feed and bath Blake before my afternoon meeting. I, too, am being stretched. At first, I was frustrated. But your post is a great reminder. Being a mom is so worth it and such a privilege. Thank you for a courageous post that so many women can relate to. (I wrote this post Monday about the mama pooch Keep up the great work mama :)

  2. Love this, every stretch mark us do worth it. I wrote a post like this after my daughter, because there are so many women who wish they could have stretch marks and what comes with them! No way can I complain about them. It's a gift. :-)

  3. I love how you said how they remind you that your life will never look the same as it did before- so true and yes, totally worth it :)


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