Shifting Friendships {31 Days}

We gathered together after a day of graduations. The sagging rental house with creaky floors and shaggy green carpet held us all together. We pulled together our families and laughed with each other about silly memories and experiences.

A day later, I was on a plane back to Minnesota, leaving behind my college years at Liberty University.

And that day we gathered together was the last day that I would see some of my dearest friends I had made during college. At least for now--I am always hopeful for opportunities to see them again.

I have seen a few of them here and there--one lived in Texas for a year after college and came and hung out with me when I visited Texas to see Josh. Another lived in Dallas for a while so we connected a few times. But, the rest, they are scattered. In California. Iowa. Alaska. New Jersey. Mexico. Europe.

I've come to realize, even in our hyper-social connected world, I can't keep up with all the friendships I've made across my seasons. I feel like there are always a few that I stay more connected with and others simply hold a sweet spot in my memory.

Friendships are often tied with a season, and when that season moves on, they to do.

I used to be bothered by this--sad that I couldn't stay as close as I was with those I had grown to love. Of course, I can always reconnect with those from previous seasons of my life, but it's just not the same as it was. Not bad. Just different.

And that's okay.

But, as I see this new season approaching, I don't want to stop investing in the friendships I have in this season. I don't want to move on because I know what's coming. Instead, I want to really savor them and enjoy them.

How do you approach the shifting of friendships during transitions? Do you find it hard or easy to keep up with friends from different times of your life?

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  1. How do I handle shifting friendships? Well, I complain and cry and generally make a fuss about how it's just NOT FAIR! Sadly, I'm not even kidding. I wish so much that I could gather up all my favorite people from every phase of life and drop them into my community. And then make sure they never get too busy, so we can get together regularly. Of course.

    Of course, that's not reality. So after I act like a big baby, I do my best to keep up with friends on Facebook or through email. And sometimes I have to do the hard thing of letting friendships go while at the same time appreciating the new ones that come along with that new phase.


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