The Unknown {31 Days}

In about 8 weeks, Josh will finally graduate. I say finally because this road was a lot longer than we thought. When we got married, we thought he would graduate in 2 1/2 years--tops. But, as we all know, things happen, roadblocks appear, and plans change.

Even though I wish it wouldn't have been such a long journey towards the finish line, I'm thankful for these years. I think that they've refined us and taught us a lot about God's provision. Plus, over and over, I've watched my husband work diligently towards his goal--even with challenges, disappointments, and life changes (like a baby!). I'm so proud of him and thankful for such a hard-working guy :) After five years of my hubby being a full-time student, this is what we know.

So, when we look beyond these next eight weeks, we have no idea what life will look like. It's one giant, blank canvas.

Part of me loves dreaming up what life could look like in a few months. We hope that a move is in the future and are willing to go wherever he lands a job (although we do have some hopes tucked in there about some places we'd really like to live!)

At the same time, I am starting to feel more and more anxious about all that is coming. I fear that he won't find a job right away in his field--in the aerospace engineering field. Or that we will end up moving somewhere we don't want to go. Or that the process takes a really long time. Or that he won't find a job at all.

(Aggie ring day!)

So, on one hand, my spirit is brimming with excitement with all to come. And on the other, I hold my hopes close as to not be disappointed if all we've dreamed doesn't look like we expect.

I think it's good to dream (Josh and I love to dream about ideas we have for our future!), but I do think we can stuff ourselves with the the buffet of dreams and heap our plates full of too many expectations.

I don't know if all our dreams will happen, or if many, or if none at all. But I do know this: God is good. God will provide. God loves us. God created us with a purpose.

So, I let go of all the expectations I've created for our future and open my hands to whatever may come.  I let go daily--when the anxiousness brims, when wonder turns to worry, when the unknown looks scary.

And I cling to Him because I know that He loves us dearly, works for our good, and cares for us. Remembering  these things gives me perspective, hope, and soothes my fears for all that is coming.

How do you approach transitions that you know are coming, but you have no idea what they will look like?

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  1. I don't know. I'm applying to jobs for the first time ever, and am excited about what it means, and sad about what it means. Its such a hard place to be!


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