What about you? {31 Days}

Here we are. Day 30 of 31.

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I feel like I've said a lot of things, and I'm starting to run out of words.

I've talked about letting go of bulldozing and overtaking parenting and holding onto grace.

I've talked about letting go of many high expectations I have for myself and holding onto being in the present.

I've talked about letting go of my comfort levels to experience more in life and holding onto true satisfaction.

I've talked about letting go of my way + my timing and holding onto protecting our marriage instead.

I've talked about letting go of my pre-baby body (and life) and holding onto all the good things that motherhood brings.

I've talked about a lot things.

But, today, I want to hear from you! I'd love to know some of things you'd like to let go, are working on letting go, or have let go?

What are you holding onto? What are the things that you don't let go? What do you protect?

Happy Wednesday :)

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  1. 1. you said uffda, and i loved it.
    2. i wrote about letting go of perfectionism and the need to know that everything will work out well - http://www.andbabiesdontkeep.com/31-days-of-church-planting-when-its-worth-doing/
    3. right now i'm working on letting go of my straight jawline b/c i'm 29.5 weeks pregnant and my face is starting to get chubby. it's fine. i'll hold onto this healthy pregnancy and be grateful=)


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