Whoops and Redemption {31 days}

The other day, I washed my brand new black skinny jeans.

It was one of those run the load out to the washer, shove clothes in, set the cycle, hurry back in to the baby, and feel pretty darn good that laundry is getting done.

Until I opened the washer.

And I realized that I, in my laundry laziness, had not done a very good job of separating the lights and darks.

And now, my new pants had bled all over a number of white/light pieces of clothing.

This onesie should really say "Whoops." At least he looks good in blue...

There was also a pile of formerly white socks which were now a soft blue. I could have left those socks blue--stained, not as they were intended to be, and tinted forever.

But, I redeemed them with a bucket of water and bleach. And now they look just like that had before--perhaps even better.

Washed clean--as though they had never been blue.

This is definitely not a theologically solid analogy to the redemption that God offers us. But, those socks turning from white, to blue, to white again reminded my spirit of the preciousness of redemption.

That I was stained by sin, washed clean by his blood, and am now redeemed.

"In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace." Ephesians 1:7

It took accidentally turning socks blue to remind me of how often I choose to live like a blue sock instead of a white one.

I forget that, even though I still sin, I have been freed from a life of sin. And I want to stop forgetting that; I want to let go of believing that sin is greater than redemption.

And I want to live like that white sock--clean, bright, and redeemed.

Have you ever had a simple life-thing teach/remind you of God's truth?

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