Believing Beautiful {31 Days}

I've decided to write 31 Days of Believing Beautiful because, well, I want to believe it in my own life.

I want to look in the mirror and see beyond stretch marks, an extra 20 pounds, and curves.

I want to look at my home and see beyond messes, plywood countertops, and not-so-magazine-worthy decor.

I want to look at my story and see beyond the feeling that my life hasn't been brave, or big, or crazy enough to share.

I want to look who I am and see beyond my fears, insecurities, and comparisons.

It's not that I think that I'm horribly ugly, that my home is junky, that my story is boring, or that who I am is just average.

But I want to peel off some of those layers of lies that so often corrode my spirit--those lies that whisper that I have to be a size six to beautiful or that my story isn't worth sharing because someone else's story is grander and more significant.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe you desire the same things.

I know that writing about all of this won't dig out everything, but my hope is that it helps me weed out some of those pesky ideas that have taken over for far too long.

For me, this series is an opportunity to ask questions and explore answers. And I want you to join me.

My first question:

If you really, really (like deep, deep, unshakably) believed that your body, your home, who you are, and your story were beautiful and valuable, how would that change your life?

Day 1: Intro
Day 2: Pimply Boys Should Not Determine What I think about Myself
Day 3: Don't Believe What Shame Shout at You
Day 4: You're Beautiful
Day 5: Sunday Freebie {Free Printable}
Day 6: The Way You were Made
Day 7: What Others are Saying about Believing Beautiful
Day 8: When There is a Fridge in your Living Room
Day 9: When Dreams Get Stuck
Day 10: The Welcoming and the Welcome Mat
Day 11: Memory-keepers
Day 12: #idhtbptbb printable (Free Printable)
Day 13: 5 Tips to Help Freshen Up your Home
Day 14: What Others are Saying about Believing Beautiful in your Home
Day 15: INFJ vs INFP vs ME
Day 16: Strengths and Spanish Interviews
Day 17: On Weaknesses
Day 18: iPhones, Laundromats, and a few Simple Words
Day 19: Dr. Seuss Said it Best (Free Printable)
Day 20: It's Stunning, really
Day 21: A Song for You Today
Day 22: The Beauty of our Story
Day 23: Your Story is not the Lottery
Day 24: Joy in the Everyday
Day 25: Little Tasks
Day 26: For Freedom (free printable)
Day 27: A few links for your Monday
Day 28: A Day in the Life
Day 29: The Art of Non-Assumption
Day 30: What it all Boils Down to
Day 31: The End.


  1. I think you've chosen a great topic!

    Danielle Casanova did a 31 Day in 2013 on a similar topic that you might enjoy browsing for some encouragement (I recently read it as I was deciding whether to participate or not).

    I'm at the point in my life to where I do believe I'm beautiful and valuable as I am, but it took a long time to get here. My husband told me for years how beautiful I was, but I didn't believe him. Now I look back at pictures when I was your age and I think why didn't I appreciate myself more? But it's never too late to improve our attitude towards ourselves.


  2. Ah, this looks so refreshing. I am looking forward to following along with this and finding my beautiful. <3 Thanks so much for sharing something so personal and meaningful.

  3. Love this topic, Nicole! I'm excited to read and join you on this journey. Often times I can think and believe the same lies about myself - but all we're really doing is robbing ourselves of the influence God has given us. Way to push through and use your words for God's kingdom and glory!


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