The end.

(this pretty much sums up how I felt during this series!)


Writing for 31 days is no joke.

I can hardly remember what I wrote in the beginning, and I bet you can't either. Ha!

But, today, I'm sharing a few of my favorite posts of this series. Often, as a writer, you find that your words on the paper (or screen) are really just one big therapy or revelation session for your heart.

These are the posts are the ones that have stuck with me and impacted me, and I intend to revisit them again when I'm tempted to believe non-beautiful instead of beautiful:

Don't Believe What Shame Shouts at You
"I want to listen to truth because I've been given a chance to live outside those walls of shame. Why would I choose to stay within them?"

It's Stunning, really
"I stood there--feeling a little bizarre, hormonal, and unsure of what to do with all the newness. In a way, I almost felt a little paranoid because I realized that my life was never going to be the same."

The Welcoming and the Welcoming Mat
"It was more about the welcoming than the welcome mats."

Your Story is Not the Lottery
"Our story is not about everything going according to our plan and cashing in our winnings. Our story is about what God is doing with us and through us."

You can see all the posts from 31 Days of Believing Beautiful here (including links to some free printables!)

Thanks again for joining my on 31 Days of Believing Beautiful. I'd love to know how I can encourage you or learn from you about believing beautiful :)

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