When Dreams Get Stuck

Before moving into our new place in June, my brain was brimming with dreams.

We would do this, and that, and this, and that. I had a checklist a mile long.

I was sure that by the end of August our home would be ready to usher in guests and welcome people in.

I even wrote about some the dreams I have for our home.

But, then, we started getting into the more challenging and messy parts of the renovation process, and it kinda feels like all those dreams are going down the tubes.

Or getting chucked into the garbage like all the other stuff we've hauled out to the curb.

But, I remember that there is beauty and learning in this process. It's hard to see when you are staring at plywood floors, a half-done tile job, and your kitchen table is sitting in the garage.

It's easy to give up on those dreams of dinner parties and after-church lunches with friends. It's easy to feel like everything is just stuck--that I will never eat dinner as a family around a big table or share some afternoon coffee with a friend in my living room.

And you know what? I don't want to stop dreaming even if those dreams seem far off.

So, today, I'm strapping on my big girl pants and searching for all the beauty I can find right here. Right now.

I bet you can too. I bet you have unfinished or unlikeable parts of your home. And I bet that we can find beauty even in the undone and not-so-perfect parts of them.

Today's question:
What do you do when you feel discouraged about something in your home? Do you fix it or learn how to deal with it? Get out power tools or paint or just live with it? I'd love to know!

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  1. Gosh. I know exactly how you feel! I lived in this terrible rental for a year with my husband (with 80's wallpaper and carpet...) and couldn't change a thing. That was a season of patience that I have had to bring with me into our new home that we own. Slowly things are coming together, but there is A LOT to be done. I will move furniture around or prints - just to make something new from what I already have.

    Also, I would just encourage you to invite people over. Your house becomes a home because of the people in it, not because of the paint color or whatever. I love this series. I am following along.


  2. Isn't that just the story... "So, today, I'm strapping on my big girl pants and searching for all the beauty I can find right here. Right now." !!! I totally relate. In every part of life, that is my goal. Thanks for sharing your story and definitely don't let go of those dreams. :)

  3. We were lucky that a lot of our house was renovated before we moved in and so I was left with just the little things and the decorating and of course the hidden things we got to deal with (plumbing issues - new furnace - dry rot in porch ceiling). I decided one day that everything could not be done at once and there was no sense in being frustrated, so I decided to slow down and enjoy the process and realize that nothing is ever really finished. I quit worrying about having to have everything done now. It works for me most of the time. And Tabitha is right, have people over anyway - they come to see you and they help make your house a home. I have found that if you are feeding people they really don't care what your house looks like. I've enjoyed browsing around your #write31days and catching up.


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