What Others Say About Believing Beautiful {31 Days}

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I've shared pieces of my story this week (really, just brushing the surface) about what believing beautiful looks like for me.

But, I've read a number of lovely posts and seen a few things that struck me and share another perspective. Each of one of these is definitely worth reading/watching.
  • This video brought me to tears because it resonated with me (and so many other women!) It's definitely worth your time to watch. And this video--powerful.
  • Ashley's words about the scale, being enough, etc, were so vulnerable and open. I was so encouraged by this post!
  • Whoosh. This post was so true from Becky at My Ink Dance!--and reminded me why it's so important to know truth. I am pretty sure most women have fought the battle she describes. I also loved her post about the scale as well. 
  • I read this post months ago (last March!), but it's one that has just stuck with me. Ellen sure has a way with words :) 

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