Memory-keepers {31 Days}

Today, the humidity finally relented and gave us a sweet release of cool, fall-like air in Texas. The sound of rain woke me up and the smell of coffee got me out of bed ;) 

We drank our morning coffee on the couch--still surrounded by the same messes that were there yesterday--but feeling a little less stressed about them.

His mercies are new every morning.

It's moments like these that my house feels all kind of cozy and lovely. You know--those moments that wrap themselves around you and you just feel so at home. These are the moments that remind me that my home doesn't have to be perfect, or finished, or absolutely stunning to enjoy it and love it just as it is.

These moments remind me that homes are memory-keepers, not just walls and floors. And that is precisely what makes them beautiful.

Today's Questions:
What moments make you feel at home and cozy? What are some of your favorite memories you've had in our home? What are some of the hardest?

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