You're Beautiful {31 Days}

(Guess what? Today is our 6th wedding anniversary--so thankful to be married to such a stud who never stops gushing about me).

"You're Beautiful." He tells me. Looking at me that way that he always does--all sappy and genuine.

I smile back, half-heartedly, and sometimes say something like, "Ah, you're sweet" or "Right."

He tells me I'm beautiful, and I mentally list out twenty reasons why I'm not.

Um. Has he not seen my weird belly skin/flab after pregnancy? Has he not noticed the double chin thing I've got going on? Let's not even get started on my hair that is currently in a top-knot (so I can kinda pretend I'm trendy at home, but I won't actually leave the house with my hair up like this). Maybe he doesn't know that I've worn these exercise pants for two days in a row. Did I even brush my teeth yet today?

Why do I shrug off his sweet and loving words like they are untrue because I don't believe them of myself?

How many times have I dismissed them or felt unworthy of them?

Too many times.

It might not feel natural to gather those words in and really take them at his word. It might feel strange to not just brush them off.

But, I wonder, today--six years into marriage--how it would change things.

Because I know it would. I know that believing them (completely and with my heart wild + open) would bring more freedom and vulnerability to our marriage.

(ps. we were babies!)

Isn't that worth it?

I think it is.

Today's question:
How do you respond when people tell you that you're beautiful? Do you believe them? If not, why not? 

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  1. I have learned to say "thank you" no matter how I might feel :)

  2. I always say thank you, too! It helps me immensely. I'm just like you though where I smile but think of 10 reason's they're wrong. Love this series, Nicole!

  3. It has taken a while, but I have also learned to thank them. If we don't believe we are beautiful ourselves, how can others see that in us? Great post - happy Sunday xxx

  4. I'm slowly learning to say thank you. For some reason it's been harder with my husband than with other people (girlfriends, other family members). Someone else says I look beautiful and I smile and say, "Oh, thank you!" But my husband says it? "Well, I just wish this zit would go away!" or, "Am I ever going to get rid of this weird elbow fat?" He has even pointed out that I do this -- I accept other people's compliments and encouragement, and dismiss or argue with his. Why do I do that? :-\ (Thank you so much for this lovely reminder!)


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