What Others are Saying About Believing Beautiful in Your Home

(this is Luke's mom-why-don't-you-give-them-something-else-to-chew-on face. Also, where did my baby go?? This was when he was about 5ish months--I was letting him lick the spoon. Kidding, kidding ;)

There are so many others who can share a different perspective about what I've been talking about this past week--believing beautiful about your home.

I absolutely love what Maggie Whitley shares about living in small spaces. I don't think our home is tiny, but isn't huge either--so I'm always thankful for her real perspective about happiness and your home (no matter the grandness or coziness of it!)

In the same thread, Marian from Ink Blots shares some her ideas about homemaking (um, something that I am so not good at!) and also some great quotes about homemaking vs. perfectionism (so thankful she shared them!)

If you feel stuck or maybe wishing for more within the walls of your home, this post by Faith was an encouraging read. I could definitely relate to so much of what she writes about :)

Reading Faith's post also made me really want to go snatch up The Nesting Place and read it right this minute.

Also, I was encouraged to bring people into our mess (well, maybe after the refrigerator is back in the kitchen...ha!) by Jacey at The Balanced Wife. Hosting and inviting others into my home is often intimidating and scary--so I was thankful to read that I'm not the only one who gets a little sweaty just thinking about it!

This list that Becoming Minimalist shared to help find freedom in contentedness was to the point and spot-on. The Socrates quote he uses stuck me--what do you think?

Just a little PSA today--you can grab this poster-printable for just $1 until the 15th (that's tomorrow!) If you want something new for your walls, this is both affordable and has a big impact!

Click here to check it out :) 

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