5 Tips to Help Freshen Up Your Home

The last week or so, I've been chatting about believing beautiful in our homes. Mostly, I've been talking more about our heart and our attitude towards our home--not more practical ways to make our home more beautiful. But even if we feel content with our home, sometimes we still get the "home blahs." In other words, sometimes we want to give our home a little refresher.

So today I'm going to share a few practical tips that I've found super helpful when my house feels a little blah. These tips aren't revolutionary--but maybe just an encouragement to do some of them if you've felt like your home needs a little lovin'. These are also ways to bring in a little new without spending much (or any) money :)

1. De-clutter. One of the simplest (and free!) ways to help your home breath and seem fresher is to simply go through all that stuff that's cluttering up your space and deal with it. Even if you conquer one room in your home, that's a start! A few years back, I wrote a mini-series about simplifying. If you want some practical ideas and worksheets, check it out. 

2. Paint or make something. Even if you rent, I bet that you can find something to revamp. There have been a few pieces of furniture that I've owned for a while that have already been painted several times. For me, it's a quick way feel like I've added something new without breaking the bank. If you don't like to paint, make something. Sew, stitch, glue, stain...do whatever is your jam.

3. Rearrange and shop your home. Sometimes it is as simple as swapping and moving furniture around or finding some forgotten goodies packed away in the closet.

4. Use what you love and be bold. It's easy to feel like you are decorating for your guests or to impress. But, that often can limit your creativity and freedom to decorate your home in a way that makes you feel at home and happy with it. If you want to hang that quirky painting on the wall, do it! If you want to paint your floor green, do it! If you want to use a sharpie to decorate your curtains, do it! This is definitely a tip that I'm learning myself :)

5. Light a candle. I know that sounds kinda silly, but honestly, lighting a candle always makes my home feel more lovely and cozy (even in the middle of summer!)

Questions of the day:
What are ways that you breath some new life into your home when it starts to feel blah? Have you done any of these tips? If so, which ones had the biggest impact?

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