We've talked about believing beautiful about our bodies and our homes, and today I'm starting out this next topic (believing beautiful about who we are) with a personality test.

While listening to Luke play in his crib (did he not get the memo that I sent about taking an afternoon nap even if you sleep for ten minutes in the car?), I took a test over at 16 Personalities. 

Actually, I took it twice.

The first time I got INFP and the second time I got INFJ.

In the past, I've almost always ended up as INFJ, so maybe I just stick with that one.

Or maybe (just maybe) I don't fit perfectly into one category of a personality test. Even though I spent the last twenty minutes trying to figure out which one is more me, I came to the conclusion that none of those are just me to a "T."

Honestly, I wanted the personality test to tell me who I am. Why do I talk too much but am still an introvert? Why do I have trouble expressing (or feeling!) feelings but am very intuitive and sensitive to others' feelings? Why do I feel frustrated with little details? Why isn't everyone as excited or passionate about x, y, z as me? Why do I often feel misunderstood or misread? Why am I so dang stubborn and hard-headed? Why can I dish out criticism so easily, but I can hardly handle someone looking at me wrong?

I have a lot of questions about who I am. Honestly, I don't always feel super comfortable in my own skin and feel frustrated when the way I am wired gets tangled up and trips me up.

But, here's what I want to explore in the next few days: believing beautiful about every part of how I was made and wired.

I want to be freer with who am I and more comfortable with the pieces of me that don't seem as lovely or appealing as someone else's qualities. I want to stare the lie that says, "You're not enough or you're too much" in the face until it gives up and goes away. I want to be thankful for the way I was made. And I want to believe in the beauty of it.

Questions of the day:
What's your personality results? Do you feel that the personality pegs you to a "T" or does it not quite fit who you are?

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  1. Every time I've taken those personality tests I get INFJ also. I feel it fits me pretty well but certain situations bring out different parts sometimes :)

  2. I read this with a smile because I'm an INFJ as well and we are complex individuals who make up less than 1% of the population :) I've learned a lot about myself over the years and have a pretty good grasp and understanding for why I do what I do. Feel free to connect and we can chat if you want :-D lol (INFJs need support groups lol We're walking contradictions!)

  3. I think I'm INFP, but it's been a long while. I'm an idealist, whichever that one is. I love what your wrote about being thankful for how we are made... Yes! So true.

  4. I just left a really long message on the 31 days FB post where you asked our types. I'm the same as you - both types. I ask the same questions about myself. I have felt my whole life like I live in contradictions. Knowing the definition of the INFJ type helps to make sense of the chaos. Erin is right we need a support group!

  5. I'm an ENFJ - if I remember right. why do we put so much stock in those quizzes? Why do they mean more to us (or at least me) then what God says about me? Sometimes when I take those quizzes I forget that I, with God's grace, can change, and have changed. Like when I get my results, I feel like Im stuck with the good and the bad of what it's saying about me. But, we can change! If we use our strengths for God's glory and our weaknesses as well. Ok, this is becoming a ramble! thanks for sharing and can't wait to read more! :)

  6. I'm 100% an INFJ but only realized it last year! (During 31 days actually!) God has really used personality tests like these to help me realize that all these different facets of my personality were still created in His image. A test I've really loved also is the Strengths Finder. Have you ever taken it? Really insightful in a more practical way about how to deal with things based on your tendencies!

    Loving your words as always! :)


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