On Weaknesses {31 days}

(he was having a bit of a depth perception issue. Ha!)

Yesterday, I chatted about strengths. Today, I'm talking weaknesses.

Maybe it's me, but I think that it's easier for me to pinpoint my weaknesses (or those things that I'm not so great at) and lament about them.

Why can't I do that like so and so? Why am I always so horrible at x, y, z? Why do I always forget about a, b, c? She's so cool because she's so A, and I'm just so B. 

I often see my weakness against the backdrop of someone's strengths--and then they suddenly look like glaring faults and problems. But they aren't faults and problems; they are just not my jam. And that's okay :)

Here's the thing. My weaknesses are good because they keep me in check and remind me of what I am not. Plus, the world would be a really weird place if everyone ran around with the same set of strengths and weaknesses.

Now, I believe that growing in and acknowledging our weaknesses is good because it makes us better. However, wishing and trying to be someone we aren't isn't going to help matters.

In my life, all that wishing and striving to be more like someone else just tosses my heart into a giant mess of shame and feeling like I'm not enough.

So, here are some of my weaknesses:

1. I'm not a super great listener, but I remember what you say. I'm listening, but I often have trouble not interrupting or intercepting someone's story or words (just ask my husband).

2. I have trouble sticking to one thing. I just like new ideas and trying them. So, instead of feeling horrible that I can't just do one thing, I should embrace the fact that it's okay to do new things. And instead of trying to launch myself into one giant, life-long project, I should instead focus on smaller, more do-able (and short-term) ideas :)

3. I'm not super organized. I love simplicity and planning. But, I'm not the person you should ask to organize your shoes or closets. Can I help you declutter? Absolutely! Can I make cute labels for your pantry? Kinda. Am I the best at it? No.

4. I'm horrible at details. I don't like thinking up all the little things, and I'm not good at it. I am a big picture person--through and through.

5. I am often impatient. At the doctor's office, I can wait. But, when when I have an expectation that something will happen within a period of time, I get super flustered and impatient when it doesn't. Or I just want to know how to do something right this minute. I love to learn, but I often don't have the patience to learn something well.

Those are just a few. But, here's my hope about weaknesses. Here are the benefits and good stuff about them:

  • My weaknesses should not put me to shame, but rather point me to Jesus (who is the source of everything and can help me)
  • My weaknesses remind me that it's not about me being the best or good at everything. 
  • My weaknesses encourage me to seek other's help with those areas that I want to grow in or simply help me do something that I'm not great at. 
  • I can always grow and improve on those areas that are not my strengths, but I don't have to strive to conquer them.
Questions of the day?
What about you? What are some areas that are not your jam? Do you feel like you can acknowledge your weaknesses, or does that make you feel uncomfortable?

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