Joy in the Everyday

Sometimes it's easy to get discouraged when our stories seem simple + not filled to the brim with exciting events and moments.

My day is filled with watching a toddler eat a banana, cleaning up after him, waving at each car we see, playing outside, throwing balls, watching him explore, putting on shoes and clothes, and changing diaper and diaper.

It's not a particularly busy nor exciting season of life. It's so tempting to look at this season and think, "I love this kid, but I'm not feeling like my life is adding up to much right now."

Daily, daily, daily it's a journey towards looking out at each part of life and just enjoying what is in this season. When I really look for the beauty in the now, I find it so easily.

I see it in the joy my son has when he stomps in puddles or runs from one end of the playground to the other. I see it in the simple blessing of my husband handing me warm coffee while I'm still waking up. I see it in the way my son smiles at me when he's proud of a word he's trying to say. I see it everywhere.

It's not always effortless to see beauty in the everyday parts of my story. Often, it takes intention and seeking. But when I do focus on those moments, I'm just so darn thankful for this story and my life. I feel gratitude just rushing at me and squeezing me tight.

So, today, I encourage us to seek joy in the everyday and see beauty in the simple and present moments of our day.

Questions of the day:
What simple moments do you see beauty in your day in-and-out? Do you find it easy or hard to find beauty in those moments?

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