A Day in the Life

For my final day of sharing about believing beautiful about our stories, I thought that I would take shots of my daily life and share them.

My life and story isn't super glorious or high-powered in this season. But, there are so many beautiful and sweet moments interwoven into the fabric of my daily story.

Of course, everyday is different, but here's a peek into a typical Monday around here :) It was fun to capture a day in my life with photos especially since I did a post like this last year around this time (how much life has changed!)

ps. there are a lot of pictures in this post!

We begin our day at around 6:30 (typically) with a little coffee in bed until Luke wakes up. Then, we head to living room and finish our coffee while he shovels down a banana.

Josh starts to get ready for work, and Luke and I eat breakfast. And, yes, we are still eating in the living room until the table is put together.

After breakfast and getting ready, we all head to the car. Since we still share one car, we leave at around 7:50/8 to bring Daddy to work.

After dropping Josh off at work, we head to the grocery store. Especially since my fridge is back in the kitchen (praise Jesus!), I'm excited to get some groceries. Luke usually does pretty good for about forty minutes--so I try and keep it quick :)

We finish up, head back home, and unload the van. Luke plays while I haul in all the loot. After unloading all the groceries, I also throw in a load of clothes (yay for having a washer and dryer back in the house again!)

By this time, it's about 9:30ish, and I can tell that Luke is getting a little tired and antsy. Can you tell?

So, we head outside and get some playtime in. 

I'm not sure how long we play outside, but eventually, we head back inside. I do some tidying up and lunch prepping while Luke plays with his trucks, the broom, or whatever havoc he can find ;)

At around 11 (yep, that early!), we eat lunch. We eat this early because he's typically ready for nap around 11:45/12 since he dropped his morning nap about a month ago.

After lunch, it's time for nap. I change his diaper, read him a book, and make sure he has his puppy and his paci. Within minutes, that kid is out and snoring away. 

While he naps, I try and get stuff done and rest a bit as well. Typically, I'll make a cup of tea and do some computer/blogging/etsy stuff. Sometimes, I'll take a little power nap, read, or watch TV during part of naptime.  Luke usually sleeps from 12-2:30/3. My goal during nap yesterday was to blog for 31 Days and update the pictures for a few Christmas listings in the shop. I also wanted to tidy up the office a bit and put away laundry.

But, of course, this day was weird and Luke woke up screaming at 1:00. I went in, tried to soothe him, and put him back down. In the past, he's gone back to sleep. But, not this day. Nope, he continued screaming. So at about 1:20, I brought him in with me to finish up a few loose ends. I let him watch a Baby Einstein while I tidied up.

After this, I did a few more little chores while we listened to fun music and he busied himself with books and toys. Then, I let him bounce around on the unmade bed, and we had a little wrestling match in all the pillows. It's honestly one of his favorite things :)

By now, it was close to 3 and time to get back outside (we need to enjoy as much as this lovely weather as possible!). I grabbed a snack, some crayons, water, and a few toys. He wasn't interested in the crayons, but he sure didn't complain about a snack ;)

We played outside until about four, and then we headed back inside to get a few things prepped for dinner and finished up before we had to go back and pick up Josh from work. By this time, he was getting a little crabby and tired, so he chilled and watched Daniel Tiger while I powered through a few tasks for about 10 minutes. I like to save the TV show for when I need a few minutes without a lot of interruptions. Usually, he doesn't usually watch for more than 5 minutes, but I guess he was tuckered out and tired from not taking a good nap.

By this time, it's time to buckle him back into the van and pick up Josh. Thankfully, it's just an 8-10 minute drive, so Daddy's back with us in no time :)

We get home and I feed Luke dinner while Josh works on installing floor trim since we wanted to get the dishwasher set up (it was still in the garage!). Luke loves having daddy home and learning from him-- he especially loves playing with his headphones and safety glasses :)

It's nearing 6:30 by now, so it's time to get ready for bed. A diaper change, pjs, and a little lotion and he's ready to go. Well, go be silly, that is! He's always so silly when he's super tired :)

After a few minutes of playing, I find him lounging on the couch (it's his new thing to climb up on the couch) just staring into the distance. Josh wants to read to him and put him to bed, so I hand him over. While Josh puts him down, I make some homemade pizza for our Monday night pizza night. 

We end the day with pizza, fizzy Sangria soda, Dancing with the Stars, and Castle. I also watch my Influence Network class and loved learning about business and giving back. 

After Castle, we went to bed. 

Thank goodness. 

Does your day look similar? Opposite? What is your favorite parts of your day?

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  1. What great photos! My day is super similar to yours, especially in terms of trying to be outside as much as possible, piling on the snacks, and general grumpiness when a long nap isn't in the cards or my little guys. Have a great week!

  2. Loved looking at these photos and especially comparing them to last years post! Crazy to see how different our schedules look from then! Also loved the shot of grocery shopping at HEB! I loved that place when I was in TX, we need one in MN!


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