Some Favorites from 2013

It's a new year.

Don't you just love the freshness that January first brings--the way it breathes anticipation and excitement for a new year?

I sure do. And this year--well, I feel very excited about it all. I know that a lot of changes will be coming our way, I have a number of personal goals I want to accomplish, but I also want my hands to be wide open for what surprises God might have in store for this year too.

But, before I jump in head first into this year, I wanted to share some favorite photos and posts from 2013. 2013 was a year full of transitions, changes, finish lines, good things, and lots of challenges and hard days too. For me, it's fun to squish some of my favorites into one post and get a big picture snapshot of what this past year held. Believe me, it was actually pretty impossible to narrow these pictures down. I have so many more pictures that I love, but if I included them, this post would be a mile long!

But, here are a few of my favorite photos and memories from 2013:

This year was full of a growing baby belly, a babymoon in Austin, the arrival of baby Luke, his stay in the NICU, way too many pictures of our sweet boy, our first visit to Minnesota to meet lots of family, getting Josh's aggie ring, going to the Texas State fair, Luke's first Thanksgiving, Josh's graduation, Luke's first Christmas, and our trip to Minnesota. 

For the blog, some of my favorites/Popular are:

Happy New Year!


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