Saying Hello to New Traditions

Before getting hitched, Josh and I decided that we wanted to start lots of fun traditions for our family. We have done little things like give each other an ornament for Christmas that represented something that happened during the past year or making caramel popcorn for the fourth of July. Some of our traditions started organically and others were more of a "let's do this" kind of idea.

Recently, we decided it would be fun to start celebrating Christmas in July. We know it's not an original idea, but we still wanted to start the tradition and see what happens.

While we ate our scrumptious breakfast, we dreamed of what the day could look like in twenty years. Maybe we'll start sprinkling Christmas sprinkles on summer s'mores or making Christmas-colored popsicles. Maybe we'll spend the day on the lake eating oozing cinnamon rolls, listening to Christmas music, and wearing red flip-flops.

That's the sweet thing about starting new traditions--you are never sure how they will grow, change, or what will become that thing you have to do.

We actually celebrated on the 27th because we wanted to spend the whole day doing Christmasy things.

The day was filled with Christmas music, coffee in bed, lit candles, warm homemade coffee cake (thanks to Josh!), crunchy bacon, summer cherries, pancakes, and fried eggs.

Of course, the day was also filled with watching cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies, drinking decaf, and eating more of that coffeecake. We also made homemade pizza and had a little wine to finish off the day.

We had intended to make cookies too, but we ran out of sugar (oops). So I just cuddled with my little sweet (cheesy...sorry!)

I was so into celebrating Christmas that I started to wonder how other people were celebrating Christmas in July--and then realized that most people were not listening to Jingle Bells and eating their fair share of sugar!

I am already looking forward to next year--repeating some of the same activities and also adding some new ones.

What family traditions have you started? What are some of your favorite traditions?


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