Why Hello! Snapshots from Minnesota

Yesterday, I returned home from two weeks in Minnesota.

Although there were moments when it was challenging to be away from the familiarity of a routine with Luke (like nap time, for instance!), the time we had there was so sweet and full. Full of family, conversations, friends, and lots of loving on Luke (and my new niece!...goodness, she's adorable!)

It was also refreshing to have some time away from constant media, a to-do list, and the hum-drum of days alone with the baby.

Honestly, I didn't take a lot of pictures; I wanted to just soak it in. But, I do have some favorites from my time at home with my family and friends--a number of sweet photos that bring back the warm and fuzzies :)

Stripes + My brother, sister, and sister-in-law (plus baby cousin) meeting Luke for the first time. The stripes were totally unplanned!

My brother, sister, and a not-so-happy Luke

Luke + Jack (my sweet friend's son who is 6 1/2 months old). Luke looked huge next to him!

We enjoyed a few hours at the cabin--wind and all!

Family picture--we need more of these :) 

My dad, mom, me, and Luke (he was mesmerized by the water!)


Taking some special pictures with great-grandma and grandpa

Grandma and Luke (they love each other!)

Meeting great-grandma. I love his last little tuff of baby hair on the top of his head!

Breakfast date with my handsome man. Perkins for the win!

Josh meeting his new niece, Avery. She is absolutely precious! Dark hair + long eye-lashes :)

Bath or hot-tub? This is one of my favorites. ever.

Naps on the bed in the only room with air-conditioning. Spoiled.

Meeting my sweet niece. Honestly, I can't get over how much I love her--she's so precious! Luke didn't seem too impressed, but I know he'll adore her too!

There are so many more bits of memories--Luke getting his feet wet in the lake, a fire + doughboys, laugher, morning playtime with grandma and grandpa, time with sweet friends, watching his auntie Jenna work on a blanket for his cousin, and working on a fun project with my sister (I'll let you know more about that soon!).

Although we are happy to be back home + resting up after a busy two weeks, we are definitely missing our family and doing a lot of thinking about those sweet times!


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