The Mama Pooch: Grace + Goals

Since it's about 100 degrees in Texas and I don't have a pair of shorts/crops that fit me well, I decided that it was a good idea to go shopping on Saturday.

I was wrong. It was not a good idea.

I think I tried on about 15 plus pairs of crops or shorts, and not one of them was even an option.

In the Kohl's dressing room, I had a moment of silence for my pre-baby belly. Which, I'll admit, was not a whole lot to mourn. But, it's still hard to look in the mirror and readily accept the stretch marks (I have a lot of them!) and loose skin.

Believe me, I love my mama pooch for all it represents: our little one's first home and the fact that my body accommodated him for 9 plus months. I don't take that for granted. But, that doesn't mean that I have to resign my belly to a life of tight pants and pudginess.

I have the option to help my body bounce back and stay healthy.

But I have to give myself grace + time. I have to make realistic goals and expectations. If I don't, I'll ignite a battle within me of guilt, feeling annoyed with my body, and getting frustrated.

My hope is to step into this postpartum fitness season with patience + the perspective that getting healthy does not equal quickly losing a whole bunch of weight or having the perfect body.

What I want: to be healthy, exercise to help relieve tension + for stamina (lifting around a baby is no joke!), and eat foods that energize + are good for me. Of course, I do hope to lose a few inches along the way, but that's not my main priority. I was trying to lose weight before I got pregnant, so in a healthy and patient manner, I want to continue that. Strangely, I actually weigh less than I did before I got pregnant, but my clothes definitely do not fit in the same way...oh, well!

Since I am exclusively breastfeeding, I do need to make goals that are safe and healthy for me and Luke. The last thing I want is to loose weight at the expense of my milk supply. So, right now I'm focusing on two things:

1. Exercise: I've created some goals (I've learned that if I don't create goals, I don't sustain it) to help me stay accountable. I figured that I could start with 100 minutes of exercise a week, and in a few weeks, make it 120. I also need to do different types of exercise or I get bored and stop doing it.

So, I'm continuing to use Robin's Long prenatal Pilates program (Balance Beginnings) since it was soooo helpful for when I was pregnant. She has a few workouts for postpartum (which I love!) and I can also use a number of the workouts from the pregnancy series. She has one for upper body strengthening which is super helpful! Luke is 16 lbs, so I need all the strengthening I can get!

Also, before getting pregnant, I was taking Zumba classes at a local studio. I loved them! But, they don't offer any childcare at this studio, and I knew that it would be hard to go as much as I'd like with our schedule. But, they offer on demand classes so I pay a little every month and have access to over 30 videos from their classes. I love this option because I can workout on my own time, have a variety of classes to choose from, and still have fun! (ps. anyone can get their on demand classes, so check them out!)

2. Eating wisely: I'm not counting calories, and I'm not intentionally reducing my calorie intake. I am, however, trying (trying) to choose wisely about what I eat. I'm really trying to incorporate more veggies and lean protein into my diet. Here's an example of my favorite dish right now:

(coffee, watermelon slush, and breakfast taco with a fried egg, roasted sweet potato, kale, and avocado)

I actually enjoy eating healthy, but it's not always easy (especially when you are tired and picking up food sounds better than cooking!) with a new baby.

So, that's probably way more than any of you wanted to know about my mama pooch and what I want to do about it! But, writing it down helps me stay more accountable and focused.

How do you stay healthy? Any suggestions to help loose the pooch?

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  1. I'm with you with wanted to eat healthier and get in better shape (I would also love to lose the last of the baby weight). That breakfast taco sounds awesome! With my first, I just slowly lost it all during his first year. This time I have about 15 lbs that just won't budge through breastfeeding alone... sigh. Lots of long walks with the boys are in my future :)

  2. I went swimsuit shopping a little while ago - same issue. My husband and I signed up for a obstacle/run thing in September, and I've started training for it. Running, lifting, cardio, etc. I like having a goal to train for :) Good luck, you can do it!

  3. I love this idea Nicole, of having goals but also having grace. Good luck to you lady! As a fellow mama trying to lose her baby pooch, I know the ups and downs :) But, the hard work and more thoughtful eating really does pay off!

  4. Well Nicole I have had six pregnancies all C-sections. The key is to stay active like walking even walking about at the mall with your lil one. As far as eating goes, stay away from fried foods and sugar and Mickey D's of course. Vegetables, fruits and salads are the best . So no need to worry you will fall back into place after a while.

  5. Such a great post Nicole! at 6 weeks postpartum I can certainly relate. So glad my Pilates videos have been helpful to you. Pilates is so great for re-toning the core and pelvic floor muscles. Thanks for the zumba tip...and that breakfast looks delish :)

  6. Hi Nicole,

    I have loved finding your blog. You write with such thought and grace. It's very refreshing to read. I knew Josh in highschool and we went on a few church missions trips to Mexico. I think we went on a double-date to On The Border too when y'all were newly was quite a while ago. Anyway, love LOVE your perspective on being a new mom. We just had our third little boy in Dec. of last year. I hear you on the belly pooch...I've put off buying new clothes because I wanted to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again instead of spending money on new ones. Wearing the same outfits over and over again was getting a little old so I went out last weekend to find some shorts. It's so hard not wanting that pre-baby belly back:) I think your goals are very realistic. Veggies, fruit, lean meats, and exercise have always helped me drop the last few pounds and inches. If you ever need an exercise accountability partner, let me know(! Thanks for the Zumba link, also!

    Congrats on your beautiful boy!



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