The Farmhouse Table that Made our House a Home

When Josh and I got married, the first thing we bought was a beat-up round, white table. We spent a few years with that table (named Miss Mesa), and I refinished it when it needed some new life.

But, in the 2012, we moved to a little house that had no dining room area at all. So, Josh built us a long, tall table for our kitchen that served as both workspace and our table. Although it functioned, it always felt a little awkward because every meal was like eating at a bar. Then, we added a baby to the mix, and he was always smiling at us from 100 feet down (seemingly) since we were sitting on high stools.

So, when we went house hunting, I had an ultimatum. It could need a lot of things, but it couldn't be without a space for a big table.

We found our little house, and even though the dining room had orange carpet when we bought it, I was as happy as a clam that we found a place with a big, old space for a table. Soon, we ripped out that carpet and found gross vinyl tile. Then, four months after that, we finally put in new tile. Between discovering the vinyl tile and the laying the new tile, we ate around a tiny patio table or on the couch.

When we were working on the tile in the kitchen, our motivation for dealing with the mess and finishing the project was knowing that we could haul in the table that Josh was building for us after we finished up.

This past weekend, Josh screwed the last screws into the table and set it up in our dining space.

Honestly, it was such a beautiful sight. Not simply because it meant that the tile floors were done or that our home was more complete, but it made our home feel, well, like a home.

It hasn't even been set up for a week, but it has changed so much in our home. It brings us together. It's a landing spot for conversation, good food, and baked muffins.

It may seem like such a simple thing: a dining room table. But, for us, it feels like the piece that made our house a home.

What makes your place feel like home?

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  1. He made that- seriously?! Absolutely gorgeous! SO LUCKY!!
    That is a hard question to answer for some reason but the first thing that came to mind was our couch- big enough for all of us to hang out on and read and/or cuddle. But yes, the kitchen table is definitely a spot we spend a lot of time at- not just eating but doing all sorts of family activities :)

  2. It turned out so beautifully! Hooray for feeling more at-home!


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