Meet Miss Mesa

Miss Mesa, I think, has quite the personality.  When deciding how to "dress her up," I originally chose something neutral.  White base. Stained top.  And then I thought, "I think Miss Mesa has much more personality than that!" so I mixed a little gray, light blue, and white for soft pretty base color.  Then, she glared at me until I gave in and gave her base a pretty coat of blue/green and her top a rich and dark stain.  As of now, I think she's quite happy with the changes and is flaunting her stuff!

Here's a picture of Miss Mesa before her spa day (more like spa month!):

She didn't look too bad, but with a closer inspection, she had a surface that never looked clean and had lots of stains.  She needed to be refreshed!

And here's Miss Mesa now:

She even made some new ladderback friends at the spa!  They'll need a little more time at the spa...

I'm in love with Miss Mesa's new look!  The blue, the light distressing, the gleaming top!

She might have needed a facial:

And a good scrub!

But she was worth it.

Another picture just because I love her:

I hope to share a little more details about her spa experience soon!  

What do you think?

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  1. miss mesa turned out beautiful

  2. A lot of work...been there...but the outcome is fantastic! Nicely done!!

  3. Your table looks beautiful! Great makeover, those ladderback chairs are perfect!

  4. I LOVE it!! I am contemplating doing something different with our kitchen table (currently painted black) but the hubby is a bit hesitant about my colorful ideas ;-)

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  5. Looks great! I will have to come and try out some food off of that table!

  6. She looks great. I like the dark stain better than the original.
    Dropping by from Furniture Feature Friday.


  7. This is exactly what I want to do with my dining table! Its varnished this horendous orangey colour at the moment and I'm too scared to start it lol. I've saved this for inspiration!

  8. Looks like she enjoyed her spa day! I love the dark top paired with a painted bottom. Plus the stained top will hold up so much better.

  9. Well she is looking much better!!!!


  10. UGH! I HATE the "BLUE SCRAPER"! When I think of "it", I have the very same feelings of when I think of the dentist! But it does make quick work of scraping off boat loads of ol paint! Love the table! Very nice job~

  11. the dark top is awesome! it gives the table much more weight now- i love it!


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