The bedroom. Finally.

The switcheroo is still in progress, but it's safe to say the bedroom is pretty well done. I bought some new curtains, added a few baskets, and borrowed stuff from around the house to make it a little more homey.   Even though all the walls are blank (yep, the budget has been depleted), I feel very at home in this room--when I'm in the "office" and the "bedroom."

So, let's start at the very beginning...

Our current bedroom was our office when we first moved in last July. Because of it's size, we thought it worked swell for a giant office/workspace. Here's what it looked like before moving in:

(hi, Mr. Landlord)

And then as an office:

(it was always pretty messy!)

Well. Then we learned about baby boy and decided to combine our office space and the bedroom and then make the smaller room into a nursery (which is still a work in progress...)

So, here it is today--starting from the bedroom side (looking in):

The office side:

Just a few more for kicks (hello Mac trying to get away with playing on the bed...)

So, there it is! I'm sure it will never quite be finished (especially with the arrival of a baby and since we'll probably move in December...), but I am really enjoying this space!

Here are the details:
Headboard: DIY Headboard made by us. We mounted it up in our first place, but were too lazy to hang it up this time! This post will take you way back...
Bedding: Duvet cover from Target (I'm not sure if they still carry it)
Curtains: From TJ Maxx
Globe: Thrifted
Baskets: Thrifted
Vintage books: For sale in {the shop}
Gold mirror: Thrifted
Embroidery hoop: Made by me and for sale in {the shop}
Quilt: Lovingly made by my mother-in-law and grandma-in-law for our wedding
Desk chair: Thrifted
Desk: Revamped by me (read about it here)
Bookshelf: Revamped by me (read about Marge here).
Dresser: Revamped by me (one of my first posts ever!) I definitely repainted it white after that sad first color :)
Side tables: Bought at a garage sale and painted
Lamps: Thrifted

What do you think?

Happy Friday!

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