Meet Marge

Marge is in charge. Marge is large. Marge is a survivor.

You see, when I saw her on Craiglist, I practically cried. Not really. I just made a mad dash to send an e-mail to her owner and see when I could pick her up. I had been looking for a bookshelf that looked like Marge for months--I definitely didn't hestitate to buy her when she was offered! Even though she was a bit sooty (she had survived a fire), she was the perfect fit for our "entry way" (aka: wall by the door). After a coat of crisp white paint and a little distressing,  she was good as new!

Here's Marge before:

Here's Marge after (forgive my lazy styling...she does deserve more, but I haven't figured out quite what do with the bottom shelf...any ideas?):

Marge replaced the cute, but less practical entry table.

I love her. And I love all the books she holds (most of them you can find at Home for Hire {the shop}). What do you think? Any styling ideas?

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  1. I would paint the back panel of the bookcase a different color - like a navy or yellow

  2. Very cute! Love the crisp white!

  3. I love that you name furniture and I love Marge's makeover!!

  4. Cute pumpkins and books - maybe just a couple tallish baskets on the bottom to weight the whole and give you some storage? Yay for Craigslist! :)


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