Purple Inperfection

I had my color scheme complete. My paint was ready. My DYI motivation in full swing.

The dresser and end tables looked fine in the "painting room"--the second bedroom and had minor painting errors here and there. But, they were my first project and I was pleased with the outcome.

They are painted gray to go with my muted color scheme of gray, blue, whites, and creams in the bedroom. Did it work? Well, I think the gray wasn't spot on--too blue, too purple, too something.

I kept returning to the bedroom, hoping that maybe the paint color would suddenly shout, "I really am the perfect shade of gray! Don't you love me?"

Well, they'll have to stay my little gray/purple imperfections until I have a little extra money and time to go back at them with vengence. Next time: A creamy white. Neutral and no chance of purple.


  1. This makes me laugh. My mom decided she wanted her bedroom gray. My dad painted it... too blue. Painted again.. too purple. Again, again, again. 5 times! They ended up with a nice creamy yellow.


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