A Headboard how-to

While I was scoping the world wide web one night, I discovered the upholstered headboard.  Ooolalaa....
I was annoyed with our former headboard for being squeaky, falling apart, and always banging against the wall.  I knew we couldn't buy a new bed to fix the problem but I thought I'd be able to try my hand at making a new headboard.  I originally wanted to go with a snazzy fabric and wow the audience.  But, I change my mind too often so I decided to stick with something more neutral and add color and fun with the details.  Here's what my former headboard looked like:
It's kinda hard to see.  But, you get the basic idea.  
Plus, you get to see how lovely my bedroom what just a few short months ago ;). I decided to say goodbye to the brown and hello to much more subtle look!

We started with a piece of plywood, batting, some carpet padding that was given to me by Mr. Wild Red Hair The Contractor working next door (long story), a staple gun, and enough fabric to cover it all.  I think it ended up to be around 2 1/2 yards.  We also got a flush mount to attach it to the wall.

We first laid down the wood and then stapled down the layer of foam.

We then laid the board and foam face down on a layer of batting and fabric.  We stapled all around the edges, being careful not to pull it too tight.  We first stapled the batting down and then we stapled the fabric.

Mac helped us too :) He was only 9 weeks old!


The final result!

A few lessons learned:
Take the time to iron the fabric well.  I didn't and I can still see a few wrinkles!  Oops!
Don't pull to hard.  There are a few places where it is a little taut and looks a little puckered.

I really do love our new headboard.  I think it ended up costing about sixty dollars.  Not too shabby!


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