Capture the Year: Chinese Food and Belly Shots

Wow, it seems like these past few weeks have flown by (I feel like a broken record when I say, yet again, that it seems like time is a speed demon these days!).

It's been blissfully nice here in Texas and I am trying to soak up these days because I know that the heat is coming! The downside of the spring-like weather is the spring-like allergies that come with it! Oh well :)

Here are some pics from the past weeks:

  • Me and my valentine :)
  • We did enjoy a low-key Valentine's day complete with chinese food, sparkling juice, and a cheesy chick flick
  • Mac loves to watch for kitties (which he then goes bonkers over!) and school buses!
  • We had to get some bump documentation in :)
  • I have been walking a little more with Mac since the weather has been so nice and my belly muscles aren't complaining as much as they use to.
  • After a little blog brainstorming, I finally made the decision to do a little blog rebranding and design. So, I said good-bye to Home for Hire over the weekend...we had a good run, but I'm super excited about the new look + vision!
  • The sunsets have been gorgeous :)
  • Yep. Another belly shot.
  • After a busy morning of cleaning (on Sunday I think!), I took the afternoon to rest my feet and watch my hubby work diligently (have I told you yet how hard this man works + studies?)
  • I finally finished painting the furniture for the nursery (thank goodness!), so here's a little peek at the color + finish :)
  • We had a spontaneous breakfast date at Ihop...trying to make good of this list. 
  • One last pic of my pretty puppy (who I discovered snuggled up on the couch he's not supposed to be on...I couldn't kick him off because he was too darn cute!)

How have your last few been?

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This one is my favorite:

Happy Thursday :)

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