Capture the Year: Valentine's Edition

(Confession: Most of this post will probably have nothing to do with Valentine's Day!)

This past week has been one of those not-sleeping-much-and-way-too-busy weeks for Josh and I. Meaning: we haven't put too much time/effort into planning something super special for Valentine's Day. For me, that's okay :) I did make Josh's favorite breakfast, Monkey Bread, and surprised him with it this morning. Tonight, we'll probably do something perfectly lazy like eat Chinese food in bed and watch something cheesy on Netflix. Honestly, that sounds positively wonderful to me!

These last few weeks have ushered in the challenging work load for Josh and lots of evenings/afternoons alone for me. Even though I am so proud of Josh and how hard he works at school, these weeks are hard for me because it means a lot of time alone. Although I love having time to myself, I also love to spend time with my hubby--I miss him when he's busy almost every weeknight! But, this is our season, and I'm doing my best to embrace it :)

Anyways, here are a few pictures from the last few weeks:

  • We've been watching that baby bump grow! And I've been feeling the baby grow--yikes :)
  • I keep walking into the nursery-to-be just to enjoy it and imagine what it will look like in a few weeks. Right now, it's a disaster!
  • I painted a DIY sign--love it!
  • Ahh, isn't the pup darling when he's sleeping? He's been crazy obnoxious today...I wish he would sleep. 
  • Mac in his obnoxious mode--he doesn't eat the shoes; he just grabs one and runs from us until he gets our attention--so weird! (can you see that he was on shoe #2? The tennis shoe is in the background!)
  • I made myself a grown-up loaded baked potato. Very good--a recipe may come soon. We'll see :)
  • I decided on a color for the nursery furniture (since we aren't painting the walls). You'll find out what it is soon!
  • Is it weird to match your outfit with a baby shower gift? I totally did this unintentionally--can you tell I like mustard yellow, gray, dots, and brown? 

How have your last few weeks gone?

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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