The List

Right now, this is our life:

Okay. It might look a little differently than this, but...

We work, enjoy quiet evenings (even if homework is involved for Josh), watch our shows, wake up when we want to, go to bed when we want to, sit at the computer on our own time, visit with friends until we want to leave, go out on a whim...

You get the picture. Our life, although far from perfect and not always neat + tidy, is ours.

And in about 12 weeks, a screaming babe will alter our world. Flip it. Change it. Turn it over.

And even though I know I'll adore that sweet baby (I can't wait to breath him in!), I know our life will never be the same.

Honestly, there is something about that thought that makes me a little nervous. Will I like that change? Will it all be worth it? Will I miss this life?

I'm sure, as with many changes, there is something about the season beforehand that you miss, but yet you wouldn't alter where you are now.

So, in lieu of all this change coming soon, I wanted to create a list of fun things for Josh and I to do before baby boy arrives.

I want to anticipate baby's arrival, but I don't want to miss this time with just my hubby and me.

So, here's the list:

  • Soak in the mornings with coffee in bed. Have conversations without interruptions
  • Go on one last mini-trip before baby arrives. Explore a new place, sleep in a snazzy hotel, and go to a fancy dinner
  • Go out on spontaneous dates and enjoy the fact that we don't have to worry about a sitter or a crying baby
  • Have a game night, drink sparkling juice, and eat our favorite snacks
  • Open our box of love letters, read them to one another, and remember how sappy we were (um...still are...)
  • Write a letter to each other to give to one another when the baby arrives
  • Each check of one more thing off of our "Before 30" list

For all the parents out there, do you have any "I wish we would have done x, y, z before the baby" ideas?

You know, other than flying to Spain, basking in the sun on the Mediterranean, and drinking wine?

{I'm joining Dot in the City today for "The List" link-up}

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  1. I love that you have a box of love letters!! That is an adorable idea :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Love your list...I need to make one of these. We're down to 5 months or so and I know it's gonna fly by!

    Thanks for linking up, Nicole!


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