What's in a name?

I had been contemplating a blog name change for a while now. I was itching for something new and fresh.

A name that better reflected the content of my space.

I had been thinking about it for a while, but then, literally a few days ago, it just clicked.

I knew I wanted to use my first and middle name as my domain, but I also wanted a tagline that communicated the story of this blog.

And, in one moment, it came to me: dwell.

Plus, it rhymes, and I'm a little dorky about things like that :)

To dwell is to think about something. To ponder it. Well, I do a whole lot of dwelling (or rambling?) around here. Sometimes it's cheesy. Sometimes it's not.

To dwell is to live somewhere. To be. Well, I write a lot about where we live, how we make it a home, and the stories that happen within these walls.

Even though the content of my blog will probably not shift much (like anything, it will continue to grow and mature), but I feel like my name finally reflects more of my vision.

I want you all to come here and be encouraged. I want this to be a safe and welcoming place. I want this blog to continue to share our story--the ups, the downs, the messes in the kitchen, the tasty food we eat, the way we decorate, the emotions of a given day, the grace, the way our Savior works in and through us...

I want this to be a place of learning. Of learning to dwell.

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  1. Popping in from the Influence Network! I Love your new name and tagline. It's really peaceful and home-y. When I read your last paragraph, I kept thinking, "yes, yes YES!". looking forward to reading more!

  2. Love the new name and I agree with Kimber, the tagline is perfect. Love what you've done with the place :)


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