Dear Samuel: Four Months

Dear sweet Sam,

You're chubbing up, kiddo. Last I heard, you were over 17 pounds. However, your brother was almost twenty pound at the same age, so you still have to gain some rolls if you want to compete in his weight category ;)

Goodness, how do I start? Well, you are most definitely a momma's boy. You don't mind other people, but you tend to get a little grumpy if you don't see mom for a while. Now, I don't really hate that you love me so much ;), but I do wish you'd be your cute, smiley self for the those sweet nursery workers at church. If you could do that, that would so wonderful.

Yesterday, when I dropped you off in the nursery, you gave me a little pouty lip. Kid--you're too young for that. Right? Isn't that supposed to start when you two or something?

You are definitely our social guy--you love to smile and love when people smile at you. Being the social guy that you are, you also like to be held most of the time. All.the.time.

Laying on the floor. Not your favorite. Bouncing in your exersaucer, you like that for a bit but not too long. Laying in your rock 'n' play when it's not nap time--definitely not your favorite. Laying on your belly--you also have some strong opinions about doing that for too long.

You have rolled from your belly to your back a few times. But, I guess you decided it was over-rated and prefer to entertain us with giggles and smiles instead of rolling tricks.

Thankfully, your brother has decided that you a little more fun now that he can entertain you more. He likes to grab your cheeks and say, "chubby cheeks" and run in to see you when he hears you wake up from nap and inform me that you are awake. He thinks its the best when you lay with him in his bed before nap. He still loves to bonk you every once in a while--but I guess you should always expect that from a brother ;)

Kiddo--I do have to talk with you about your sleeping habits. You seem to have forgotten how to sleep for a long time. You used to sleep for some long stretches, and I really liked that. Now, you wake up at least twice to eat a snack in the middle of the night and generally between 5-6 in the morning.

So, if you could go back to sleeping longer, that'd be great.

Samuel, we love you and your weird tuff of newborn baby hair on your head. We adore your bright eyes and big, happy smile. We love calling you Sammy, and smook-ums, Sam the Ham, Rootin-tootin' Sam, and little marshmallow. We love the way you add such a joy to our family and sweetness to our day. We are so glad it was you.

Could you stay this little forever? Well, stay little but sleep through the night ;)

I love you,


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