Baby Luke: 4 Months

Our "little" bean is just over 4 months old, and I'm absolutely adoring this age. He is gushing with sweetness and spoils us with lots of smiles.

He's sporting some cute new outfits for a special project (I'll tell you more soon!) and (obviously) he looks like a stud.

Stats, little somethings, and such:

  • Our boy is weighing in just shy of 20lbs (um, he's a beast!) and is still in the 98th and 97th percentile for height and head size. We still get lots of comments about his size :) 
  • We are getting more full out giggles and it's so much fun! Check out this video if you really want to hear him laugh :) Or if you just want a good laugh!
  • I think a few teeth are starting to want to come out--so he's definitely a slobber monster (but hasn't been super cranky....yet)
  • He still hasn't learned how to roll over, but he is getting closer to at least trying to figure it out. 
  • We borrowed a jumperoo thing from some friends, and it is definitely his favorite.thing.ever. He absolutely loves to jump!
  • We just adore our sweet boy and are so thankful for every day with him :)

Just a few more pics for fun!

Happy Wednesday :)


  1. What a cutie (I mean stud)! :) My 15th month old is 20 lbs... oh the lovely rolls your boy must have. Why can't my babies be chunky?! ... I blame their daddy. not fair. Those onesies are great- can't wait to hear about them.

  2. He is soooo adorable! My 18 month old (who is a healthy guy, just little) weighed in at 19lbs 12oz last week at his 18 month dr. appt. He is off the chart now {sigh} but is a very good eater. It is a blessing that your "little-big" guy is thriving and healthy and a good size! :) Cutie pie for sure!

  3. Luke is so cute!!! Can't wait to hear more about those adorable onesies.


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