Dear Samuel {Three Months}

Dear Mr. Samuel,

Do you know that you are such a bright spot, little one? Everyday--your daddy, Luke, and I love getting to squish your chubby thighs, get you to smile, and see more and more of your personality develop.

Right now, I spend a lot of my day lugging your 15 (plus!) pound body around because you really aren't a fan of being left on your own unless you are sleeping. Unlike your brother, you like to make sure that we are watching you and with you all the time. If fact, even if I try to check my email on my phone, you get squeaky and fussy until you are getting 100% of the attention again.

Yes, this can be a bit demanding at times, but on the other hand, you are just so darn cute and fun to be with. You just started to giggle (sometimes just when we smile at you) and it's really the best. Generally, you are simply so happy, smiley, and social.

Even just last week when you had to spend the night in the hospital (thanks to giving your momma and doctors a scare when they put you under for a procedure), you were making friends with all your sweet nurses. Even when you are hooked up and getting poked, you are still our happy, little guy. PS. Don't scare us like that again, okay. I know the nurses are cute, but hanging in the hospital is not our favorite.

You still don't really care to roll over or be on your back. You kinda tolerate hanging out on your tummy but not for too long. You do, however, like it when we hold you standing up and you do lots of arm waving and bouncing. I look forward to when you are a little bit bigger and you can play in all the fun bouncy toys :)

Do you know what your favorite things are right now? Your hands, getting held and smiled at, little tickles on your collarbone, watching your brother, your daddy's voice, eating, and getting held some more ;)

You still aren't sleeping through the night, but you are getting closer (most nights) and can do a decent stretch. Right after you have your middle-of-the night snack, you fall right back to sleep so that makes it much easier on momma (so thank you!)

All in all, you really are a great baby--even when you get a little dramatic when we are two inches away from you!

Kiddo, smook'ums, baby boy, Sammy, Sam the Ham--we love you.


Sam may be a chunk, but he's not as rolly-polly as Luke was at 3 months. 


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