While the Kids are Napping

It's been a while since I've written a post about all those random bits of information that I want to share--things I'm loving, doing, thinking, etc. Sometimes it's just fun to look back and chuckle (or sigh) at what was your jam. For example, last year (about this time) I was sharing about this video (still cracks me up) and how we were in a season of waiting (what I didn't share was that we were hoping to get pregnant with baby number two doing that time). And, just a month later, I got a positive pregnancy test and now I've got a cooing baby in the next room. How life changes in just a year!

So, here we go:

-- Since I'm not much of a diaper bag gal (I just don't usually carry that much stuff), I decided to order a backpack to use instead of our big diaper bag. It's super cute and big enough to carry our essentials. So far, it's working perfectly for us!

-- My friend recently shared about her experience having a refugee family living with them. I'd encourage you to read it and learn more about the refugee crisis from her perspective.

-- Another local friend and blogger, Abby Perry, recently wrote a post about the consumption of books and entertainment. Now that I have a lot less time for reading and watching, I desire to watch and read things that I truly enjoy--so this post was a timely reminder to be intentional about those choices.

-- Today I made German pancakes for the first time and wondered how in the world I'd been missing out on all the deliciousness and easiness for my entire life. So good and so easy--definitely going on the "seems fancy but isn't" list of breakfast foods. Also, these muffins lasted approximately 2.4356 days in our house :)

-- My sister-in-law and her sisters just launched a super fun blog--go check it out!

-- Can I live in here? Recently, I've been fascinated with small/tiny homes. I love the idea of less stuff, more money in your pocket, and a simpler life. However, with two little, I think that I might go a tiny bit introvert crazy if they were also so physically close to me. So, maybe someday :)

-- I just ordered my first pair of saltwater sandals. You know what that means? I'm already thinking of water and summer--and it's March. I may be approaching my 8th Texas summer, but I'm still not used to it getting so warm (and hot and balmy) in March.

-- There is a shop sale on the poster prints and bundles.  Everything is already marked down--so no coupon code needed. I have something new coming, so you may want to grab something from the shop while you can (wink, wink)

-- I want one of these--so clever and useful for two kiddos. I'm still trying to figure out how to get groceries in a cart that is 95% filled up with a carseat...

-- One of these pretties is definitely on my list for Mother's Day--love them! I would really have trouble deciding on just one :)

Well, one of those kiddos is no longer napping. So, that's it for now!

Happy Friday!

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