10 things that you really don't need to know but I'm going to tell you anyway

I feel like my blogging has been so sporadic lately. I popped in to tell you about the big 30, joy-eyes, and the shoes that Otto made. But, other than than, it's been little posts here and there.

I think that this season has just been full in lots of other areas, so I find that my time (and creative ideas) are often spent keeping my toddler busy, tackling house projects, and working on shop stuff.

Sometimes I think, "I need to blog about that!" or "ooh, I want to share about that!" or "this is such a good recipe! I should let my blogging friends know about it!"

But, then, I have this little child who interrupts my two-seconds of silent thinking with one of those delicious smiles that gets me every.single.time, shoves a book in my face, and climbs on my lap to read. Or, you know, steals my smoothie (even though he has his very own that is the exact.same.thing). I blame it on the polka dot straw.

So, blogging (or even just writing down that idea) gets put to the side.

But I wanted to take some time and write up a list of all those ideas that often get put aside during the day and share some things/ideas that have just been working for me :) Basically: I'm going to share some links/thoughts that you really don't need to know, but I'm going to tell you anyway ;) 

1. Right this very second, this is cooking up in my crockpot. If you read the ingredients, you may go, "um...no." It is a little different, but so delicious + easy to make!

2. The rain has been a bit at bay lately, so I've been walking a lot more. I downloaded the Map My Run app and it's definitely added a little extra motivation to walk a little faster, further, or longer. I am not very competitive, but this app has given me a little healthy competition with myself.

3. Speaking of walking, these shoes just came in the mail. Folks, I ordered shoes online without trying them on (which is definitely thought of as a level 10 shopping risk in my world). And they fit so well , are comfy + cute, and have made getting ready to walk a little more fun :) Have you guys ever tried Ryka?

4. I am so excited about the Influence Network's new website launch. I look forward to spending some more time exploring and meeting some new ladies :) I've loved being a part of the network--especially when the network has introduced me to some real-life friends. If you have never checked it out, you definitely should take a look.

5. We've been doing a lot of waiting lately (seemingly) for some life stuff and it strikes me at how this post that I wrote last year about this time is such a good reminder for me right now. I think April should be dubbed--"The Month When God Works to Produces Patience"

6. My baby is turning two next Monday. Somebody pinch me...wasn't I just looking like this:

7. Sometimes I like to find fun activities for Luke on Pinterest. Even though I enjoy trying new things with him, it's often the simple things that keep him busy. I'm pretty sure he spent a good thirty minutes spraying every blade of grass in our yard with this spray bottle ;) PSA to toddler moms: just give them a spray bottle + some grass. That's it.

8. I laughed--like really hard--at this video. I'm chuckling now just thinking about it. Seriously, it will make your day.

9. I've been waking up earlier to start by day with some coffee + time reading/praying/in the world. Even though some days it's a little hard to get up, it's always always worth it. It's definitely a habit that has been renewing + growing me.

10. Remember when I shared about visiting my sister in Haiti? If you want to learn about an exciting new project Children of the Promise is doing, you should read this post. 

So, there you go. Ten things you didn't really need to know--but I shared them anyway.

Happy Thursday, friends!

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  1. I love these types of posts! Thanks for sharing. The spray bottle outside is one of my boys' favorite things also :)


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