The Big 30 and Surprises

Let me just start by saying that I felt entirely too spoiled for my birthday this year. Not in that I-am-so-special-so-I-got-spoiled way, but in the way of feeling so loved and celebrated. I can blame all the spoiling on Josh--who definitely went above and beyond this year :)

On my birthday, Josh brought coffee to me and told me to pack my bags. He had planned a little trip for our family to go to Kemah and Galveston, Texas. I was game!

We all piled into the car and headed to the coast. The day included a coffee stop (of course), train rides, good burgers, people watching at Kemah, and ended the day with a business call (oh Luke) + chinese take-out :)

The following morning, we grabbed some coffee and headed to Galveston. It was then that we learned that toddlers + sand equals worst.thing.ever. But! It was still fun + Luke thought it was the best.thing.ever. Thankfully, we had some extra clothes ;) After the beach, we spent time around the island (being dorky and looking at houses!) as well as eating a lovely lunch and checking out the ships. After the kid was tuckered out, we loaded up and headed back to the hotel for a relaxing afternoon. 

We also spent Tuesday in Houston (Josh had a work meeting there) so it was pretty low-key for Luke and me. I felt so refreshed after a few days away and so thankful for Josh who planned a simple + relaxing birthday getaway. But, the next morning, Josh informed me that he had another trip up his sleeve (the rascal!) and that we were flying solo to the Round Top Antique fair and a B+B (which included donkeys and llamas!)

We enjoyed the few days of just-us (thanks to helpful grandparents!), coffee dates, chatting about big dreams, going to a movie, shopping, and just getting away from the day-to-day life. 

Honestly, I don't have many pictures because I was too busy just enjoying it! 

The best birthday gift I received: the gift of remembering and experiencing what a sweet thing it is to have such a beautiful family and be loved so well. All the other stuff is just extra :) 


  1. Sounds like such a great way to celebrate turning 30! What a wonderful and thoughtful husband you have. The business call photo is hilarious :)

  2. Happy 30th! It sounds like a fabulous trip! What a thoughtful and creative husband!! Hope you also had a wonderful Easter! :-)

  3. Happy 30th! Your trips sound so fun and relaxing. What a great hubby!


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