Dear Samuel {2 Months}


What little time is two months, yet how much brighter has life become since you've joined our family. Especially now that you are smiling, we love to squish those cheeks and collect as many smiles as we can get--even Luke likes to get in on the fun!

You are busy chunking up and adding lots of rolls to those thighs--right now, you are on the road to fatten up nicely just like your big brother. Last I heard--you weighed 13 pounds and 14oz (uffda!). You are still a good eater and sleeper, and I'm so thankful for that. Although you still like to party and stay up late (like 10:00), you usually only wake up once at night, so keep that up.

Although I love snuggling you like a tiny baby, you are starting to boycott getting snuggled like a newborn baby. You still love to be held--but you are starting to prefer to look out into the world or peek over my shoulder. When you are awake, your eyes are alert and busy taking in all the lights, mirrors, and fans. Daily, you also get roared at by Luke, and I haven't figured out if you love it or hate it. Or whether is just plain weirds you out ;)

We've had a few road trips this past month because you needed a few minor procedures to help stretch out your esophagus. Both times you've had it done, you've done so well. You woke up a tiny bit groggy and had a little trouble remembering how to eat, but once the anethesia wore off, you ate up like a champ and we were able to head back home. The doctors tell us that you are doing so well--and we are so thankful! Way to go, bud!

We also went up to Dallas to see your auntie get married. You did so well in the car--hardly a peep from you! And you didn't mind sleeping in the hotel either. However, you did get a little crabby during the wedding ceremony, so I got to hang out with you in the back. You and your brother looked so cute! We had a lot of fun showing you off to all the family you had yet to meet and you liked all the extra snuggles too.

I still can't get over you, Mr. Sam. Even though you are so little, I love seeing little pieces of your personality. You are a little dramatic at times (we love when you pull out the pouty lip), but you are also go-with-the-flow. Your brother still loves to be by you all the time and also is relentlessly curious (and maybe a little jealous) of you. I wonder all the time how you guys will play and have fun (and fight!) together as you grow.

Sam, we can't wait to see more and more of who you are. I love you my sweet, blue-eyed, rolly-polly little guy ;)

Love you,

just for fun, here's Luke's 2 month post.


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