Baby Luke: 2 Months

Our little guy is now a happy two-month old. And I'd have to say that he's been a pretty good baby. He fusses when he needs something, but otherwise, he's content, calm, and sweet :)

My favorite part of these last few weeks has been the introduction of the smile. It's amazing at how that gummy smile makes everything just a little brighter + sweeter.

Stats, little somethings, and such:

  • He's a chunk (over 13lbs). And he's growing like crazy (check out his 1 month photos for evidence!). 
  • I love squeezing his thighs
  • He's very smiley in the morning and snuggly in the afternoon
  • He is starting to follow our voices and coo and grunt more
  • Kicking his legs may be his favorite pastime
  • He finally discovered his mobile and he's quite happy to stare at it
  • Typically, he sleeps from around 10:30pm-4/5am, so we are getting closer to a full night of sleep (Hallelujah!) 
  • He still loves to sleep, eat, poop, and do all the other baby things
  • He is definitely wiggling his way into our hearts deeper and deeper each day :)

Just one more photo for kicks ;)

Happy Monday!


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